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There are three major things that I need to do for light paint as a post GSOC project. The amount of work is small compared to the amount of time that I have allocated. However since I have to work full-time till the end of December, such arrangement is probably more realistic and more feasible.

The major tasks are:

  1. Improve light paint. Modify and complete shadow coefficients generation that was buggy.
  2. Light node need another design review and most of the work probably needs to be re-done.
  3. Generate new test builds for user feedback. Merge back to 2.5 after collecting feedbacks.


  1. Sept.6th - Sept.25th
    • I will work work on the raytrace and shadow coefficients part and improve some UI features. I probably need Brecth's input in this part.
  2. Sept.26th - Oct.16th: I will be in Tibet and Nepal
  3. Oct.17th - Nov.29th
    • I will work with Matt on light node design. Light node should probably be changed to a shading node instead of a texture node.
  4. Nov.30th - Dec.29th (possible one week of absence because of SIGGRAPH Asia)
    • I will post some builds on again and collect some feedbacks. If the feedbacks are positive, then it's worthwhile to make light paint a part of 2.5.