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Open Bugs

Feature Requests

  • Show light env in view3d display.

Will not fix

Need Testing

  • HDR file saved from light paint cannot be opened by other HDR software. (fixed in r21238)
  • Light rotation doesn't work correctly. (fixed in r21281)
  • The output HDR files appear different in Qtpfsgui than Blender. It looks like some values are clamped in one but not the other (fixed in r21992).

Closed Bugs

  • System crashed after loading a second file (fixed by brecht in 2.5 branch)
  • Adding modifiers such as subsurf in light paint mode would cause wrong display. (See manual for descriptions on using modifiers in light paint mode.)
  • Undo/redo in light paint doesn't work together with transformation undo/redo. (fixed in r21259)
  • Light paint preview doesn't show up when view3d is not in light paint mode.(fixed in r21369)

Completed Features

  • A reset button to go back to the default light env settings.