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Proposal for wiki Transition Scripts

Blender 2.4 series to Blender 2.50 series

2008 idea.

Hi, my first suggestion is, following the existing wiki, new pages should be created for 2.50. these pages could be, where applicable, just a copy of the old pages, with new image. For the first 6 months keep all the old docs intact. Place a link to the old docs on the new doc page or vice versa, to avoid sudden confusion. Keep all new docs consistent using the default 2.50 interface. more to come.

whilst this may double up much of the wiki, .4 series will be used for a long time to come. the old pages could be eventually phased out. (I have revised this initial quick idea)

2009 Scripts Documentation/Management Proposal

Hi, I'm Brendon Murphy, "Meta-Androcto" (forums) & 'Scorpion' on the Wiki. As many of you know I maintain the Scripts/Catalog

So, how to handle the transition from 2.4 series scripts, over to 2.5 series scripts?

This not only applies to External scripts. Internal scripts are in need of updating also.

I will start with Internal Scripts. I'm not sure on what exactly is needed. Other than listing the Internal scripts on the Wiki, I have had little to do with Official BF Scripts & I have not used SVN before.

so feel free to comment & add suggestions. please.

Hi, I have some though about this in my wiki proposal, look at the trackers section. mindrones - 2009-12-08

Internal Scripts

Updating Blender Projects.

I will need some help here.

This repository is outdated.

Where should I find the current 2.4 series scripts to update with?

They would be in which branch of trunk?

I do not mind editing things manually, so transferring from one place to another & adding the missing scripts, should be an easy, quick to complete task. The initial input for this task, as I see, would be to update this repository with all currently included Official scripts for the 2.4 series. As 2.4 series scripts will be "out of phase" with 2.50 scripts, I would see this as a good place for Official 2.48a/9 scripts to live.

The secondary task here is to work out a 'Submit Updated Version' method. My opinion here is to set up a 'Submit Script for Review' e-mail notify the dev/maintainer of the submitted script/section for the General Public. Script Owners/Authors, would be able to add there own updates, as is currently the case. I would see this as a good way to finalize 2.4 series scripts. Not much 2.4 dev will take place after the release of 2.50

Any more tasks, such as will present themselves for Blender 2.50 scripts, can be listed as they arise.

Internal Scripts Current Tasks 2.48/9

  • 1/ Update to clean up & finalize scripts for the 2.4 series api/branches/final builds.
  • 2/ Provide Method for users to submit for review their updated scripts.

Internal Scripts Current Tasks 2.50

  • 1/ This section is still in the discussion stage.
  • feel free to add suggestions.

External Scripts

There are many issues that arise from documenting external scripts. Licensing, Hosting, Respect for the Authors, Abandoned Scripts, Maintaining Scripts to the current API, the list goes on. It would appear to me that up to or over 25% of scripts listed, I host myself. This is not the best, as well, what happens to the scripts if something fails? Well, they would be simply lost. I am currently fixing this problem by uploading mirrored links to the blenderwiki, all scripts I upload are tested then updated for 2.48a.

When I update external scripts I fix errors so they work, then add bpydocs (help) & update any author information that is missing so scripts conform with a consistent criteria. (Docs, License, Headers, Author information & details.

So many links to scripts have been broken, (& the scripts themselves), that the issue of hosting the scripts is necessary both to maintain scripts at a working state & to prevent ultimate loss of these scripts. There has been some big improvements in the wiki script catalog recently. It has become a strong & popular resource for External Scripts.

External Scripts Current Tasks Wiki 2.48/9

  • 1/ Find & repair Broken links. (ongoing)
  • 2/ Find new scripts & list. (ongoing)
  • 3/ Clean Up listed Scripts.
  • 4/ Upload repaired scripts to the wiki.
  • 5/ Better Define Categories, following the BPY help browser & adding missed sections. (Games Scripts, PyNodes, I'm sure there will be more.
  • 6/ Link to other wiki sections & clean up duplicated information or prevent duplicated efforts.
  • 7/ Prepare for transition to 2.50
  • 8/ Provide Method for users to submit for review their updated scripts.

External Scripts Tasks Wiki 2.50

  • 1/ Decide on the best format for updating the wiki.
  • My current Idea is to split the catalog into two sections.
  • Not all, or even not many scripts will be ported to 2.50.
  • Once the API is finalized, more decisions about this can be considered.
  • to break down what i mean:
    • The Scripts Catalog will be in two sections, 2.48/9 & 2.50. Any scripts that are ported between api's, or updated for the new api will have two pages.

I expect most work will be in documenting new scripts, updating "Unique Power Scripts". Irrelevent scripts/duplicate feature scripts will not be ported over. So effectively there will be 2.4 archived scripts, 2.5 new beginnings.


I have worked quietly under guidance from ianwill & others for some time. the changes I suggest have been thought out with the User & Developer in mind. I am quite a fuss pot when it comes to security & legal issues & scripts. Scripts have proved to be a popular area of Blender. I intend to continue my Catalog work for some time. If the BF needs someone to help, my help is offered. May 2.50 bring a new era of script writing & documentation. Brendon.