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About Me

I am a programmer who also likes to make 3d art. I've been programming for 40 years now. I'm working on improving Blender as a hobby.

BMesh development

Week of Nov 3, 2013

  • Committed big rewrite of knife so now cut-through really works, and killed 6 bugs at the same time.

Week of Feb 12, 2012

  • Fixed crash rotating edge that is part of a chain.
  • Rewriting knife cuts to not use scanfill.
  • Started documenting BMesh on User:Howardt/BMesh

Week of Jan 1, 2012

  • Knife tool: added constrain to 0, 45, 90 angles.
  • Fixed crash adding mesh from python addons.

Week of Dec 25

  • Fixed compile error.
  • Knife tool: added ability to cut all the way through a mesh.

Week of Dec 11

  • Fixed infinite loop in edgesplit (partial fix).

Week of Dec 4

  • Fixed shortest path crash.

Week of Nov 27

  • Fixed 'extra face' bug in knife by adding method to call scanfill with boundary edges explicitly marked.
  • Added back different selection mode parameters to select_all.

Week of Sep 18

  • Reviewed several of Ender's fixes.

Week of Sep 11

  • Fixed knife midpoint snapping and snap radius.

Week of Sep 4

  • Reviewed and submitted patch from Ender79 to fix deselect of edge ring/loop.
  • Reviewed and submitted patch from Ender79 to fix edge/face ring select with non manifold edges.
  • Fixed bugs in BLI_smallhash. They prevented edge tracking for certain edges in knife tool.

Week of Aug 28

  • Reviewed patch from Ender79 to implement select-n, separate loose parts, and a few bug fixes.
  • Made edgering walker work with single wire edge as start edge, which fixed crash on loopcut with mouse near a wire edge.
  • Reviewed patch from Ender79 to fix array copies, which fixes snapping.
  • Fixed weld vertex op reversing normal, and also fixed normals on primitive circle, spheres, cone.

Week of Aug 21

  • Fixed crash when export a .obj file and the object has no materials. Just made sure the exporting code didn't try to calculate and write the materials when there were none. Maybe shouldn't write a .mtl file at all?
  • Fixed crash when collapsed edge from something with subsurf modifier active. Well, only get a crash if have the mode on to 'Apply modifier to edit cage'. The fix was to make sure that DAG_id_tag_update was called after a collapse.
  • Investigated: create face (F) doesn't work if have to connected edges and an isolated vertex selected. Turns out that the code to complete edge cycles doesn't consider isolated vertices. And in fact, the code only handles the case of two edge chains, not more. But then there's code after that to set up a 'rotation system' that I don't yet understand, so deferred fixing this case.
  • Fixed create face sometimes crossing edges.
  • Cleaned up some unused variables (user complained that it prevented MSVC from compiling).
  • Started looking at some loopcut crashes.

Week of August 14

  • Moved 'export obj' from import menu to export menu.
  • Fixed edge slide when more than one loop selected.
  • Made 'k' go into knife mode with Maya keymaps.

Week of August 7

  • Went through code and made all TODOs that were just in BMesh branch into BMESH_TODOs.
  • Fixed mirror modifier when there are duplicate faces.
  • Fixed edge tracking in knife tool in perspective mode.
  • Fixed crash when hook default cube to new object.

Week of July 31

  • Got commit rights for BMesh SVN branch!
  • Submitted fixes for knife ortho mode, mesh add from bpy,
  • Made Spin a BMOP, as requested by Briggs, and submitted.

Week of July 24

  • Found a fixed bug where adding a face with bpy didn't work.

Week of July 17

  • Found and fixed a bug in ortho knife mode.

Week of July 10

  • Briggs reviewed and submitted extrude fixes, spin tool, and screw tool.
  • More knife tool investigation.

Week of July 3

  • Started looking at Knife tool. Complicated.

Week of June 26

  • Fixed Spin tool and Screw tool.
  • Fixed extrude bugs where normals flipped on multiple edge extrudes, and extruding a subdivided edge sometimes messed things up.
  • Briggs reviewed and added the area / edge / angle drawing code.

Week of June 19

  • Found and fixed bug causing crash when adding modifier.
  • Fixed bugs that caused only vertices to show for decimate and boolean modifiers.
  • Got Briggs to review patches for those and commit them! First contribution to Blender code (albeit a branch).

Week of June 12

  • Finished code for area, edge length and angle display. Not sure on how to get it into svn.

Week of June 5

Week of May 29, 2011

  • After realizing that a proper inset tool needed to have easy access to local topological information, and that's what BMesh is all about, I decided to shift from addon development to helping out with getting the BMesh branch ready for trunk.
  • Got the BMesh branch to build and starting looking at the code. Lots of stuff to learn; I later tried to remember some of my stumbling blocks and document them on User:Howardt/BeginnerTips.