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An overview of all changes, inside the soc-2013-dingto branch.


  • Added a Wavelength to RGB color converter, for ease of use. (r57322)
  • Added a Blackbody to RGB color converter, for ease of use. Only OSL so far. (r57424)
  • Blackbody node now works with SVM too, only brute force though, needs a lookup table for speed-up. (r57487)
  • Blackbody node now uses a lookup table. (r57507)
  • Fixed some issues with 800-804.4 Kelvin. (r58253)
  • Code cleanup (r58774)
  • Added initial UI and RNA code for Vector Transform node. (r57599)
  • OSL integration for Vector Transform node + code basis for SVM. (r57670)
  • SVM integration for the Vector Transform node. (r57918) and (r57919)
  • Some cleanup to avoid string conversion in the OSL implementation. (r58245)
  • Cleanup and added Normal type. (r58775)
  • Added Separate and Combine HSV nodes (r57981)

Shading features

  • Added a Ray Depth info to the Light Path node, to set different shaders for direct/indirect ray bounces. (r58091)
  • Some fixes for Ray Depth (r58772)
  • Motion blur can now be enabled/disabled on a per object basis, so we can disable motion blur for certain objects. (r59183)

New Sky Model

  • Initial Hosek / Wilkie implementation for SVM. (r59214)
  • Add UI Dropdown to choose between old Preetham and new Hosek/Wilkie model. (r59220)
  • Remove the lock for 1 Sky texture per SVM stack, OSL works now too. (r59251)
  • Final touches and cleanup. (r59601)

Render Passes

  • Initial SSS passes commit, supports only Color Pass sofar, but already adds DNA/RNA and basic Cycles code for others too. (r58587)
  • Code cleanup and finished implementation for SSS passes. (r58828) and (r58835)


  • Enabled Non-Progressive integrator on the GPU (CUDA). (r57523)
  • Code cleanup for Non Progressive on GPU. (r58773)
  • Code refactor to split the GPU kernel into two, one for each integrator. (r59032)
  • Increased byte texture limit on Kepler GPUs (sm_30 and above) from 95 to 145. (r57612)

Code cleanups and refactors

  • Moved common color transform functions into util files. (r57326)
  • Code cleanup for Blackbody node. (r57525)