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Options should be on Children

Some options for parenting are on the parent, this makes for a lot of problems:

  • curve stretch/bounds clamp
  • bone relative parenting

Some Animation Editor Notes

Any time based event should have a representation in the animation editors, without exception

FCurve Modifiers Frame values

  • when sliding keyframes, modifiers start/end frames are left behind. This makes retiming animations very hard (I have been using python to help): some solutions:
    • tie restrict framerange to a keyframe or keyframes
    • use a new symbol to display 'keys' for these values, that can be moved in the graph editor and dope sheet preferable

Image Sequence Offsets

  • Allow retiming image sequences and offsetting them from an animation editor


  • mesh cache modifier already sorta works using keyframing, but non keyframed values might benefit too
  • build modifier
  • wave modifier
  • simulation modifers , probably more relevant to the next:


  • allow offsetting and retiming caches from animation editors

Animation Channels in all editors

  • Would be nice to have a 'pin' option, to pin channels so they are always visible, that way you can do custom things, like search for one term, pin those things, search for another, and have e.g. both thigh and calf bones visible.
  • Would be nice to be able to temporarily localview/ solo a curve or selected curves in the graph editor, and then switch back, similar to the 3D view.
  • Would be nice to have object/action level restriction in the graph editor, similar to the dopesheet.

Dope Sheet

  • When a channel is expanded (e.g. a bone group, show the icon for keys as outline only, to distinguish them easily from their solid components


  • Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but I haven't found that the NLA corrects for blending while transforming; making it hard to use for animation layers.