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About this page

Hi there,

This is the homepage of Joshua Leung (Aligorith) on Blender's Wiki. If you've followed a link from one of the 2.4x release logs here, scroll down to the "Completed Projects" section (or on these links to go to the logs for 2.43, 2.44, 2.46, or 2.47). This page has somewhat "grown" over the years since the time when those links were originally published, and now includes quick-links to various projects and notes I've written here over the years.

A bit about myself for the curious: I've been a Blender user since 2004, and a core developer since 2006. As you'll find on this page (and those linked from it), I'm the maintainer/developer of the Animation System and Grease Pencil, as well as laying the groundwork for the Bullet RigidBody integration, and work on other areas including the Outliner and Transform Tools.

-- Aligorith (22 June 2013. Christchurch, New Zealand)

Blender Dev Fund - Weekly Reports

Current Projects

Ongoing Projects

Quicklinks while editing the wiki

Wiki Templates (Formerly at

Useful Links for New Devs

Quick OpenGL Links

Quick Line Smoothing Links

Projects Unfinished/Not being worked on

Ideas for Future Investigation

Cool Stuff

Useful Stuff

  • Generic Widget API - useful for things like drawing a "transform box" to define a region to edit (with handles to move/scale/rotate)
  • Editable Bone Paths (kindof falls under cool stuff, though is more of a pragmatic issue)
  • Better ghosting/visualisation of rigs (i.e. make it easier to have setups where you can just click on the mesh to select parts of the rig)

Unlikely to be implemented

Obsolete/Work in Progress

Work overlapping with Animato in 2.5

Abandoned Ideas

Resources For Other Devs

General Notes

  • Jottings about various physics-engine stuff

Completed Projects (in SVN)

GSoC Projects

2.5 Alpha 0

Post 2.47

2.46 - Release Notes for Features

Completed Projects (in CVS)

2.44 - Release Notes for Features

2.43 - Release Notes for Features

Old Docs (Mostly unfinished)

Major Refactors

"Smaller" Features

- Aligorith -