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Blender 2.49 Contributors

(note: names listed alphabetically)


These companies or individuals have hired or sponsored developers for work on 2.49:

  • Blender Institute Amsterdam, full time Blender support and development by Brecht van Lommel and Ton Roosendaal.
  • CineSoft Kerala India, supported Campbell Barton to add EDL and Jpeg2000 support in the Sequencer
  • Entertainment Arts Research Inc. subsidiary Twilight 22 Studio: Atlanta; AAA Game Fire Wire District 22 optimization to BGE and additional features.
  • Okno Brussels, an organization for art and media technology sponsored Benoit Bolsee for the integration in Blender of the video texture plugin, originally created by Zdeno Miklas (Ashsid).
  • SAT, Society for Arts and Technology, within the SAT[Metalab] immersion research program, sponsored Dalai Felinto for Game Engine Dome rendering.

New Significant Contributors

These individuals have made a significant contribution to Blender for the first time this release cycle - welcome to the team :)

  • Dalai Felinto (GE Dome rendering)
  • Mitchell Stokes - moguri (GE API)

Active Significant Contributors

These individuals have contributed a substantial amount of code for the current release and/or bug fixing and/or are active module maintainers and/or play a major role in building releases.

  • Andrea Weikert (Windows platform & MSVC - elubie)
  • André Pinto (shrinkwrap - jaguarandi)
  • Benoit Bolsee (Game Engine speedup, logic, GE Api, VideoTexture, Bullet integration - ben2610)
  • Brecht Van Lommel (GLSL support, UV tools; paint tools; IK; sequencer - brecht)
  • Campbell Barton (projection painting, scripts, python api, game logic, uv tools, video sequencer - ideasman_42)
  • Chris Want (GSoC coordination, Make Files - Hos)
  • Daniel Genrich (boolean modifier, cloth, fluids - Genscher)
  • Diego Hernan Borghetti (X11, releases, stable branch, bugfixing - Bdiego)
  • Erwin Coumans (GE creator, Bullet Physics SDK main author - erwin)
  • Geoffrey Bantle (Mesh tools - Briggs)
  • Giuseppe Ghibò (Mandriva build maintainer and r19800 TrueType patch - Joeghi)
  • GSR (Code cleanup, make - gsrb3d)
  • Janne Karhu (Particle system - jahka)
  • Jean Michel Soler (shrinkwrap/deform modifier Py API, SVG importer, OSX intel build)
  • Joshua Leung (Animation Improvements, Grease Pencil - Aligorith)
  • Joe Eagar (Grease Pencil bugfix)
  • Ken Hughes (Linux platform manager, Python Mesh Module - khughes)
  • Kent Mein (Solaris platform manager, security fixes - Sirdude)
  • Martin Poirier (Etch-a-ton, Transform, snapping - theeth)
  • Matt Ebb (UI & render improvements - broken)
  • Nathan Letwory (Scons build system, Windows release build - jesterKing)
  • Nicholas Bishop (Sculpt and Retopo)
  • Peter Schlaile (ffmpeg upgrade; sequencer bugfixes + upgrade (custom strip proxies); - schlaile)
  • Remigiusz Fiedler (Collada, DXF importer/exporter - migius)
  • Robin Allen (Texture Nodes - Frrr)
  • Stefan Gartner (Irix platform manager - sgefant)
  • Timothy Baldridge (Irix platform manager)
  • Ton Roosendaal (Blender creator and lead dev - ton)
  • Willian Padovani Germano (Python - ianwill)

More contributors: (scripts, patches)

  • Alberto Santos Martín (Python API Patches - dnakhain)
  • Alex Fraser (Python API patch; text plugin - z0r)
  • Keith Boshoff (Patches - Wahooney)
  • Matt D. (Windows mousewheel bug, vector math node bug - foom)
  • Nathan Vegdahl (Patch, Colorband showing correct gradient)
  • Simon B. Nielsen (OS X bugfix - Vert)
  • Stani Michiels (binding for DXF-DWG converter - Stani)
  • Wayne Dennis (Patch, Makefiles for Cygwin/MingW - Pixel_2ACF3)
  • Xavier Thomas (Patch, compositor filter node fix)