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New Constraints

Changes to Existing Constraints

Copy Constraints

Constraints with 'Local' turned on, can now be affected by the influence slider. However, it should be noted that this is only actually reliable when the influence value is 0 or 1. Otherwise, the constraint will try to interpolate between the new and previous location/rotation/scaling everytime it gets evaluated.

Copy Scale

Can now work on the local-scaling of bones. Option 'Local' enables this.

IK Constraint

Added an option in the IK constraint to disable stretching, useful in rigs with layered IK constraints. Removed the tolerance setting, this value wasn't used in the solver anymore.

TrackTo Constraint

Added an option to the Track To constraint to use the target's Z axis for Up axis reference instead of the global Z axis. (Patch by Matthew Plough)

Floor Constraint

Added Local Target Rotation support to the Floor Constraint. Click on 'Use Rot' to take target object rotations into account.