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Object Strips Collapsing

Strips under an object's strip in the NLA editor can now get collapsed, like items in the Outliner.

Once an object's strips have been collapsed, it is still possible to add strips to that object; Other operations will not be possible.

Snap Tools

Like the Action Editor, the NLA Editor only used to have one type of Snap To Frame possible. Now there are two options, like in the Action Editor. These options move the start frame of the strips to the appropriate frame, and offset the end by the appropriate amount so that the length of the strips stays constant.

  • Snap To Nearest Frame
  • Snap To Current Frame

Menu Entries

There were quite a few functions that were still hotkey only.

Add Strip

This can now be found under the Strip menu.

Convert Action To Strip

This can also now be found under the Strip menu. It is now not dependant on mouse-location, and will act on the active action of the active object.

NLA Window follows visibility for scene layers

NLA window now follows visibility for scene layers

Mute Strip

NLA Strip "Mute" option, to temporally disable a strip. Option only in Properties panel still, should be in menus and hotkey.

action modifier

Action Modifier paths now support Speed curve.

By default the Speed maps in the range 0-100 frames, since there's not an actual time relationship here.

IMPORTANT: this didn't work before, and default Curve Paths have a speed Ipo, so past saved scenes will work different now!

Speed curve points are now drawn on the 3D path as well. With select info for selected points, if Curve Object is active.

Duplicating Objects with NLA ActionModifiers now also correctly copies object pointers, so a duplicate works as expected.