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Mirror IPO Curve Points

This feature mirrors the selected keyframes in the active ipo curves over a user-nominated mirror-line. One time where this is handy is when creating ipos for driven shape keys, where you often have a left and right shape for something, where one of the curves is the opposite of the other. Rather than manually moving the keys or scaling them by a negative scale factor, you can now simply mirror those points.

Options are: - Mirror over current frame - Mirror over vertical axis (x = 0) - Mirror over horizontal axis (y = 0)

Functionality can be accessed from: - Hotkey ⇧ ShiftM in IPO editor - Submenu in header of IPO editor

Grab - Axis Locking

Transforms in the IPO editor lacked support for axis locking when performing transforms. This created confusion and annoyance due to lack of consistency between different parts of Blender.

It is now possible to only tranform selected keyframes/curves along a certain axis by pressing the key with that axis' name (i.e. X for only along x-axis, Y for only along y-axis).

Smooth Ipo Curves

This tool 'smoothes' the selected keyframes in the selected ipo-curves.

It takes the mean (average) value of the keyframes, and repositions each keyframe half-way between this average value and the keyframe's original value.

Hotkey for Smooth IPO is ⇧ ShiftO

Only needed keyframing

  • 'Only Needed' Keyframing Option: This patch adds a new keyframing option for objects and bones. It only adds keyframes where they are needed, judging

from the surrounding points on that curve.

Notes about this keyframing option:

  • Works like the existing 'Avail' option, except it checks if the keyframe is needed.
  • Currently uses hardcoded threshold for determining if same value.

Cases where keyframes should not be added:

  • 1. Keyframe to be added bewteen two keyframes with similar values
  • 2. Keyframe to be added between two keyframes with similar times
  • 3. Keyframe lies at point that intersects the linear line between two keyframes

needed keyframes

Auto-Keyframing Option: 'Needed': Now, when auto-keyframing, there is the option to have 'cleaner' ipo curves. This is a user-pref option, and is based on the same code responsible for the 'Only Needed' keyframing mode.