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Wiki Team


kesten, USA
  • Admin Board Coordinator
  • Manual Reviewer
mindrones, IT
  • MediaWiki installation and setup
  • Wiki contents structure design
  • Wiki admin
  • Templates coding
  • "Naiad" skin co-design, implementation (templates), maintenance
  • Manual Reviewer
  • Manual Reviewer
greylica, BR
  • Translations Admin
  • Manual Reviewer
mont29, FR
  • Blender developer
  • Mediawiki extensions developer (navigation trees caching)
  • Wiki admin
  • Manual Reviewer (re-written 5 chapters in the 2.4 manual)
fsiddi, IT
  • "Naiad" skin design, implementation (php/js/css), maintenance
  • Wiki admin
  • Manual Reviewer
  • Wiki admin
Marco Walraven, NL
  • System Admin & Engineering, OS support and Sphinx setup/support

English Manual

Main Reviewers


Chapter Reviewers Editors Writers Developers Artists
Introduction mindrones
Starting mindrones
Data System and Files mindrones
Interaction in 3D mindrones rob221
Modeling Mont29
Modifiers and Deformation Mont29
Lighting Mont29
Materials Mont29
Textures Mont29
World and Ambient Effects Mont29
Rigging Shishkinanatoli
Constraints Terrywallwork
Animation fsiddi mikahl mikahl
Physical Simulation kestion
Motion Tracking
Rendering with Blender Internal
Rendering with Cycles
Compositing with nodes
Editing Sequences mindrones
Extending Blender mindrones
Game Engine mindrones kestion sculptorjim

Manual Translations

The main admin for translations is Greylica: for any question or doubt, please contact him:


In the wiki we keep a list of free Blender Books:

This section is managed by Terrywallwork: for any question or doubt, please contact him: