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UV vertex/faces manipulation (reshaping selection to squared grid)
UI location UV Image Editor > UVs > UVs to grid of squares
Usage From UV Editor, snap vertices to axis, convert faces to grid, rip (separate) faces.
Version 1.4.2 Author(s) Reslav Hollos
Blender 2.71 License GPL
Category UV

Executable information
File name
Current version download [UvSquares]
Python modules bmesh, math, time, collections

Links [Discussion thread] at BlenderArtists, [Support this Addon] at CGCookieMarkets

Example video

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General information

After enabling the addon, once you unwrapped your mesh, go to UV Editor. There will be a toolbar under Tools that you can access with pressing T in UV Editor.

Blender3D FreeTip.gif
List of features with Keyboard Shortcuts
Note: Shortkey AltE has multiple purposes based on the selection (vertices/faces).
Snap vertices to axis
AltE Select several vertices that will be snapped to either X or Y axis (automatic detection by slope). Press AltE again to:
Make equal distance between each vertex
AltE press twice after selecting sequenced vertices.
Convert faces selection to grid
AltE Convert faces to grid based on active quad (if none is selected uv_squres auto finds it). For square grid use button in toolbar.
Rip Faces
AltV Separate faces/vertex.
Join faces
⇧ ShiftAltV Snaps all selected vertices to closest unselected vertices. Don't use this if built-in V stitch (joins islands) operator does the work (I for toggling island in joining).

align selected vertices to axis

  • NOTE: all vertices have to be ordered/sequenced by x/y value depending of X/Y axis that they are getting aligned to. Otherwise you will have swapped vertices in the result.
  • What script does here:
    • set pivot to cursor (sets it back after)
    • 2d cursor will snap to closest vertex and the alignment will be made at that verts x/y value, depending on the axis
    • restrict scale to axis (recognize X or Y by the slope) and scale to 0 to where the cursor has snapped
  • use once more to make equal distances between verts in the newly formed line.

reshape selected faces to grid of perfect squares

  • works on any UV selection of (quad) faces.

rips/joins selected UV faces

  • Rip selected faces, separate them and create a new island.
  • Join, snaps selected vertices to closest non selected.