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UV Utility addon. Change Index Of UVMap.
UVMap for every object and make one LightMap/ShadowMap for entire scene.
UI location Tool Shelf > Object Tools.
Usage Select objects, change UVMap index/name.
Version 0.1 Author(s) Paul Geraskin
Blender 2.69+ License GNU General Public License v2 (GPL v2)
Category UV
Note(s) Works ok.

Executable information
File name
Python modules Used standard Python modules

Warning No Warnings.
Links ForumThread
Known Issues No Issues.

UV Utility Description

It can help to change indexes of UVMaps and set them active/render_active. It's very useful especially for Game engines (Unity, Unreal, Ogre3d...).

Script is applied to all selected objects. So you can change UVs for 100000 objects with one click.

The good thing for Game Developers and 3d Artists(which are in game development industry).