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Convert materials to Cycles
Convert non-nodes materials to Cycles materials
UI location Group: Material
Version 0.11 Author(s) Silvio Falcinelli, fixes by others
Blender 2.6.8 License GPL

Executable information
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Convert all non-nodes materials in the scene to Cycles materials at once.


  • Node combinations for diffuse, transparency, translucency, glossy, reflection, emit
  • Image texture in channels color, emit, mask, normal
  • Automatic baking of blender procedural texture.

Known limitations:

  • No support for subsurface
  • Probably many others
Additional information

For new materials making them directly in Cycles gives the best results. This script is meant for converting old scenes automatically to Cycles.

Original version 0.5 for Blender 2.62 in


Enable at User Preferences > Addons > System > Convert Materials to Cycles.

Usage Instructions

Click on Properties > Material > Convert All to Cycles. Non-nodes materials will be converted to Cycles materials for all objects in the scene.

If you want the conversion to include alpha and procedural textures, check "Extract Alpha Textures" and "Extract Procedural Textures" respectively.

To keep a conversion from modifying an object's Cycles material, select an object with Cycles material, and click the Lock button at the bottom of the panel.