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Extra Sequencer Actions

Version History

1.0, 2012-03-07

Initial release

1.1, 2012-03-09

Added operator 'Skip One Second'

1.2, 2012-03-10

Added operators 'Ripple Cut', 'Select Inverse', 'Current-Frame-Aware Select'

1.3, 2012-03-11

Added operators 'Slide Grab', 'Jog/Shuttle'.

Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented default variables to be initialized.

2.0, 2012-03-13

Added operators 'Insert', 'Insert (Single Channel)', 'Open from File Browser', 'Open Active Strip', 'File Place', 'File Insert', 'Open with Editor', 'Open with External Editor'.

Rearranged location and name of several UI elements.

Fixed a bug that caused malfunction of 'Skip One Second'.

Muted clips are now ignored.

pep8 compliance.

2.1, 2012-05-29

Fixed a bug about A/V sync when inserting a strip from file browser.

3.3, 2012-08-02

The script is now a multi-file package. Merged with Carlos Padial's Proxy Strip insertion scripts.

3.4, 2012-10-09

Removed Strip Select > Inverse, as the same funcion is now native.

Modified AddRecursiveLoadPanel to show panel only on sequencer view (and not on preview view.)

Removed obsolete option 'color balance' from Sequencer_Extra_CopyProperties.

3.5, 2012-12-21

Added Operator 'Extend to Fill'. Added minimal error handling for Carlos' ReadExifData. Restored pep-80 compliance.