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Provides a find & replace function for renaming multiple objects and bones
UI location View3D > Toolbar
Usage I recommend having the outliner open and setting it to show the selected objects only, otherwise you won't see anything happen.

You can find the new menu in the toolbar in 3d-View. Select objects or bones that you want to rename, click on <Rename objects> and set the parameters in the lower area of the toolbar in 3d-View.

Version 0.1 Author(s) Maximilian Eham
Blender 2.55 > 33588 License GPL
Note(s) One important thing to understand about this script is that it always works on the original object/bone names, so if you messed up a parameter, say you set <trim end> to a high value so all your objects are called untitled.001 etc, then you can simply lower the value and the original names will reappear.

Executable information
File name
Current version download
Python modules re, fnmatch

The wildcards you can use in the <Find String>-field:

* matches everything
 ? matches a single character
[sequence] matches a single character in the sequence

examples: [0-9] matches a single digit [a-z] matches the whole ABC in lower case

[!sequence] matches a single character which is NOT in the sequence