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Bool Tool
A Toolkit to handle Boolean Operations for Hard Surface Modelling in Blender
UI location Bool Tool Tab in 3DView
Version 0.2 Author(s) vitorbalbio
Blender 2.7x License GPL
Category Object Distribution External

Executable information
File name
Current version download



  1. Open the Link
  2. Click in the to open it (not to copy it)
  3. The script will show in Github
  4. Right Click in "RAW" button and click in "Save Link as"
  5. Save in somewhere as "" if it's not
  6. Open Blender
  7. File -> User Preferences -> Addon -> Install from File
  8. Select the file
  9. Enable it in the Addon Panel
  10. Find it in BoolTool Tab in 3DView
  11. Be Happy


  • Brush: Is a Object used as a Mask for the boolean operation
  • Canvas : Is the Object that Keep the Boolean Operation


You can select any count of objects and apply all these objects to the active one as a Boolean Brush. Just select the objects that you want to be a Brush, select a object to set it as active and click in one of those operations:

  • + Union: Add the selected objects to the Active
  • - Difference: Remove the objects to the Active
  • * Intersection: Apply a intersect operation between the selected objects and the active

The Remove operation clean up some Brush and restore it as a normal object. If you apply a Remove to a Canvas, it will delete all Brushes and restore the canvas a normal object.

In the "Brush Viewer" you can select, exclude or remove a Brush that is applied to this Canvas ( the object that keeps the result of the Boolean Operation )

The "Apply Mesh" operation allows you to apply all the brushes to the Object and convert it to a final mesh ( Be aware that it's a destructive process, you will lost all the interactive stuff, but with that you will free the process and will get it as a simple mesh )

Fast Transformation

  • When enable this option in Add-on preferences your G/R/S hotkeys will be replaced for a custom one that can handle objects visibility and boolean modifiers before and after the transform operation to give a fast transform when using boolean operations. It only works good when handling high poly brush, if you try to use it in a low poly brush when another high poly brush is applyied it will be sloow yet since we have a bad depsgraph limitation with that kind of stuff.


CtrlNumpad+ : Transform selected objects to Brush and apply to a Canvas as Union

CtrlNumpad- :Transform selected objects to Brush and apply to a Canvas as Difference

CtrlNumpad* :Transform selected objects to Brush and apply to a Canvas as Intersection

Ctrl⇧ ShiftNumpad+ : Apply Direct Union to a Object

Ctrl⇧ ShiftNumpad- : Apply Direct Difference to a Object

Ctrl⇧ ShiftNumpad* : Apply Direct Intersection to a Object