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Bool Tool
A Toolkit to handle Boolean Operations for Hard Surface Modelling in Blender
UI location Bool Tool Tab in 3DView
Version 0.3.3 Author(s) Vitor Balbio, Mikhail Rachinskiy, TynkaTopi, Meta-Androcto
Blender 2.7x License GPL
Category Object Distribution Addons Contrib in Blender Nightly Builds

Executable information
File name
Current version download (press link then d/l from Raw button)




  1. Open the Link
  2. Press the raw button to d/l the file
  3. Use install from file in addons preferences


  • Brush: Is a Object used as a Mask for the boolean operation
  • Canvas : Is the Object that Keep the Boolean Operation


You can select any count of objects and apply all these objects to the active one as a Boolean Brush. Just select the objects that you want to be a Brush, select a object to set it as active and click in one of those operations:

  • + Union: Add the selected objects to the Active
  • - Difference: Remove the objects to the Active
  • * Intersection: Apply a intersect operation between the selected objects and the active

The Remove operation clean up some Brush and restore it as a normal object. If you apply a Remove to a Canvas, it will delete all Brushes and restore the canvas a normal object.

In the "Brush Viewer" you can select, exclude or remove a Brush that is applied to this Canvas ( the object that keeps the result of the Boolean Operation )

The "Apply Mesh" operation allows you to apply all the brushes to the Object and convert it to a final mesh ( Be aware that it's a destructive process, you will lost all the interactive stuff, but with that you will free the process and will get it as a simple mesh )

Fast Transformation

  • When enable this option in Add-on preferences your G/R/S hotkeys will be replaced for a custom one that can handle objects visibility and boolean modifiers before and after the transform operation to give a fast transform when using boolean operations. It only works good when handling high poly brush, if you try to use it in a low poly brush when another high poly brush is applyied it will be sloow yet since we have a bad depsgraph limitation with that kind of stuff.


CtrlNumpad+ : Transform selected objects to Brush and apply to a Canvas as Union

CtrlNumpad- :Transform selected objects to Brush and apply to a Canvas as Difference

CtrlNumpad* :Transform selected objects to Brush and apply to a Canvas as Intersection

Ctrl⇧ ShiftNumpad+ : Apply Direct Union to a Object

Ctrl⇧ ShiftNumpad- : Apply Direct Difference to a Object

Ctrl⇧ ShiftNumpad* : Apply Direct Intersection to a Object