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DAZ camera io Prox2,5d
Blender bridge to DAZ Studio
UI location Group: Export
Version unknown, latest version 02 05 2012 Author(s) Silvio Falcinelli
Blender 2.6.2 License GPL

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Blender 2.6.2 bridge to DAZ Studio 3.1 or up, export 3d geometry to DAZ studio, via collada, and exact Camera animation position, rotation, doly, zoom, dof overwrite all blender material to MATTE SHADOW (for reflection)

in DAZ studio render 3 pass:

1) VIEW image sequence to apply in blender PROX 2,5D , 2) REFLECTION image sequence for material reflect the 3D People animation 3) SHADOWS image sequence for apply mask to LAMP Point or Spot

in Blender apply the 3 image sequence in PROX 2,5D

Additional information

in blender set global scale 1 and 'NONE' for unit... before to export in DAZ

in DAZ Studio after import setting FPS animation same BLENDER also for resolution for render image sequence

Usage Instructions

On this youtube video you can see a demo of how to use this package.