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Export Materials to GLSL
Export one or more materials to GLSL Code
UI location Materials properties
Usage Select the Export mode in "Material Properties" and click in "Export"
Version 1.0 Author(s) Vitor Balbio
Blender 2.6.0 License GPL 3+
Category Game Engine

Executable information
File name
Current version download
Python modules Used standard Python modules



  • Put the script in your addons folder.
  • Activate it in User Preferences / Add-Ons Panel.
  • It will add a new pannel in Material Properties:


Select one of this Three Options:

  • Active Material: Export Just the active material of this object
  • Selected Objects Materials : Export all materials of the selected objects
  • All Materials : Export all materials datablocks ( even it not linked to a object)
  • So click in Export
  • It will open the file browser, select the directory and click in Export.
  • It make two files per material: .frag to fragment shader and .vert to vertex shader

OBS: Names are not necessary. it always name the files with mat_<material_name>