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Bevel/Taper Curve
Add taper curve to active curve/Add taper curve to active curve
UI location Object > Bevel/Taper
Version 1.1 Author(s) Cmomoney
Blender 2.69 License GPL

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Install the addon by opening User Preferences, and choosing "Install from file..." in the Addons tab.

Bevel/Taper Curve should be the only item in the list, but if not, simply search for it. Check the checkbox on the right.

AddOn BevelTaper Curve.jpg


This addon adds a bevel and/or taper curve to the currently active curve.


In Object mode, with a curve selected, go to Object->Bevel/Taper->Add curve as Bevel -or- Add curve as Taper.



Type - Selects from 5 types of bevels

scale x - scales the bevel on the x axis

scale y - scales the bevel on the y axis

link xy - scales on the x and y simultaneously(use scale x)


End Width Left - adjusts left end taper width

End Width Right - adjusts right end taper width

Center Width - adjusts center taper width

link ends - adjust left and right end taper width simultaneously

link ends/center - adjusts center and end taper widths simultaneously(based on Difference)

Difference - difference between center and end taper widths when linked