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Edit Multiply Keyframes by adjusting their value or randomizing it
UI location File → User Preferences → Add-Ons → Animation
Usage Edit all selected keyframes
Version 0.1 Author(s) Tal Hershkovich
Blender 2.74 License GPL
Category Animation Distribution Extern

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A simple script for editing multiply keyframes in a single click.

Edit selected keyframes:
Currently works only on Armature animation and only when autokey is turned off, since the function adds a value to all selected keyframes based on the difference between your bone`s current values in the 3D view, and its current fcurve value at the current frame. This is very useful when your animation is already refined and you want to change your pose after you already added details, instead of editing it in the graph editor then select all keys in the current pose change the pose and click. The function currently doesn't create a keyframe but just adding the values to the selected ones

Randomize keyframes
Randomize the values of the selected keyframes in the current action, based on the distance between their maximum and minimum of each channel * the threshold bar. Its similiar to the noise modifier, but actually change the values of the keyframes.
If all your keyframes have the same value then nothing will happen

Useful for creating variation of animation cycles. for example changing the up and down values of a walk cycle to avoid repetitiveness.

To do: Making edit selected keyframes work with objects animation as well.
adding a create key option as well
Adding more options for generating randomness, with checkboxes or input values for example:
-Adding random values based on the average of the keyframes instead of only their min and max values.
-Instead of just adding to the values, also options for substruct and multiply