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Round Cube
Add mesh primitives: Quadspheres, Capsules, Rounded Cuboids, 3D Grids, etc.
UI location ⇧ ShiftA » Add » Mesh » Round Cube
Version 0.3 Author(s) Alain Ducharme (Phymec)
Blender 2.65+ License GPL
Category Add Mesh Distribution Extern

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Round Cube at its base is a mathematical sphere with its vertices plotted like a cube, from six axis directions.

The base sphere is controlled by the Radius, Arc divisions and Odd Axis Align parameters.

The Size parameter enables extrusion of the base sphere outwards from its center resulting in additional edges and faces that can optionally be sub-divided using the Linear divisions and Type parameters.

Being a mathematical sphere, corners are not pinched, bevels are round, and polygon face sizes are more balanced (more uniform polygon surface area) than other methods (e.g. subdivision surface + cast or bevel modifiers). This add-on can produce any size (on x, y or z) capsule or cuboid. One of the disadvantages to consider is that non-spherical objects produced by this add-on will not scale well non-uniformly after they are generated.

Operator Parameters

Round Cube Operator
Radius of mesh vertices for sphere or corners1
Size of mesh per axis. Note: actual size of mesh is determined by the largest of either radius or size1.
Arc Divisions 
Arc curve divisions, per quadrant (applies to sphere or corners1). Set to 0 to derive Arc divisions from Linear divisions.2
Linear Divisions 
Linear unit divisions (applies to extruded edges / faces)1; Set to 0 to derive Linear divisions from Arc divisions.2
Division Type 
What parts of the extruded mesh are sub-divided (see examples):
Sphere or Corners1.
Sphere or Corners and extruded edges1.
Sphere or Corners, extruded edges and faces1.
Odd Axis Align 
Align vertices with axes when arc divisions is an odd number. Note: this produces triangle corners!. (see examples)
No Limit 
Do not limit to 200000 vertices. Sanity check to prevent accidental creation of very large meshes. (applies to operator UI only)
Number of vertices to be generated is indicated in brackets.

1.When specified size, per axis, extends beyond the vertices at specified radius.
2.Derived divisions indicated in brackets.

Blender3D FreeTip.gif
Easy UV Mapping
Use Follow Active Quads UV unwrap method to generate a classic cube/vertical cross map (front is Y+)

Operator Presets

Radius: 1, Arc: 8
Radius: 0.5, Size: (0, 0, 3), Arc: 8
Rounded Cube
Radius: 0.25, Size: (2, 2, 2), Arc: 8
Grid 3D
Radius: 0, Size: (2, 2, 2), Linear: 5, Type: ALL
Clay Bar
Radius: 0.4, Size: (1.5, 3, 1), Arc: 8, Type: ALL

Divisions Type examples


Derived Arc or Linear divisions

Arc = 8, Linear = 0 (derived)
Arc = 0 (derived), Linear = 5
Arc = 8, Linear = 5

Odd Axis Align examples

Arc = 1, Odd Axis Align = False
Arc = 1, Odd Axis Align = True
Blender3D FreeTip.gif
Single Vertex
Using a Radius and Size of 0 will produce a single vertex without any faces