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Modifier Tools
simple tools for batch modifier tasks.
UI location properties editor > modifiers
Version 0.2.4 Author(s) meta-androcto, saidenka, lijenstina
Blender 2.77 License GPL

Executable information
File name
Current version download In Blender release addons


  • Modifier tools
  • A small collection of utilities for managing Modifiers.

Available options

  • Apply all
  • Applies all Modifiers on all selected objects in 3D Viewport.
  • This option is also available in the Apply Menu ( default CtrlA )
  • Delete All
  • Removes all Modifiers on all selected objects in 3D Viewport.
  • Viewport VIs
  • Toggles Viewport Visibility On/Off of Modifiers for all selected objects in the 3D Viewport.
  • Toggle Stack
  • Expands/Collapses stack of Modifiers on the active object.
  • While in collapsed state, only the header bar of a Modifier panel is shown.


  • When enabled & the object has modifiers the additional helpers appear above the modifier stack.

Modifier tools.jpg

  • Some functionality examples:


  1. Toggle Stack (top collapsed, bottom expanded)
  2. Viewport VIs (top visible, bottom not)
  3. Messages about failure to apply modifiers on some objects in the cmd/terminal and in the UI. In cases when there are too many objects, the message gets replaced with a generic one due to limited space in the UI. However, a full list will be available in the cmd/terminal
  4. A message about removed modifiers

Known limitations

  • To access the options, the active object has to have modifiers.
  • Sometimes applying modifiers can fail for some objects. For instance, if the modifier is disabled (i.e. Boolean Modifier that doesn't have the Object field defined - Mesh used for Boolean operation or objects that share linked data)