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Accelerometer data processing in Blender. Right now it only controls 3D View.
UI location View3D > Tool Shelf > accelBlend
Usage .
  1. Add to the Blender: Ctrl+Alt+U -> Add-Ons -> Install Add-On
  2. Activate it. You can use "3D View" filter to find it in the list.
  3. Check the "Tools" panel in the main window. You should see "accelBlend" layout. If you don't have "Tools" panel, press T.
  4. Click "start receiving" in the accelBlend layout.
  5. Launch the accelBlend on your phone, type Blender machine IP. Touch and hold the screen to send data, release to pause and work in Blender.
  6. When you are done press Esc to stop it. As of version 0.0.2 it doesn't have any other options yet.
Version 0.1.0 Author(s) Serhiy Zahoriya
Blender 2.62 License GPL
Category 3D View Distribution Extern
Note(s) This is an alpha release.

Executable information
File name
Current version download
Python modules socket, time
Data The sender part is published in extras-devel Maemo repository, accelblend package. You can try running it on N9 with the source code, it should also work. Android client is planned by a friend of mine after the receiver part will be good enough.

Links Maemo forum thread:

Blender tracker: