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Align by faces
Align two objects by their active faces
UI location No menu, just an operator
Usage This script allows aligning to objects using their active faces
Version 0.2.2 Author(s) Tom Rethaller
Blender 2.6 License WTFPL
Category 3D View Distribution Upload

Executable information
File name
Current version download
Python modules math, mathutils, functools


Very simple script that aligns two objects using their active faces.





  • Enter editmode on object A
  • Select desired face on object A
  • Exit editmode
  • Enter editmode on object B
  • Select desired face on object B
  • Exit editmode
  • Select A and B (order matters)
  • Invoke script (Spacebar > search "Align by faces")

Result: A is moved and aligned on B, the two faces matching perfectly