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Shell Factory
Makes complex shells.
UI location Opens with Text Editor
Version v0.90f Author(s) Jm Soler
Blender 2.42a - 2.48 License N/A
Note(s) Also in shell_blendv90f.blend

Be Warned script returns errors in 2.45, may make computer 'beep', still works though.

Executable information
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Shell Factory Script

  • This script creates Shells of various shapes & styles.
  • The shells made can be very realistic.
  • There are a wide variety of other shapes,
  • That can be made by tweaking the settings.
  • Mostly based on Curved & Spiraled objects.
  • With settings for extrusions/details.
  • This script is very Powerful & Complex.


Scripts catalog wizards pyshell interface.jpg

Interface/Menu Overview 1

  • Download the .blend & open it with Blender.
  • Press Alt/p to run the script.
  • The Script GUI will appear.
  • Features: Sliders, Numeric Input, Buttons, Menu.
  • Main Menu
  • Angles Deform Modifier.
  • File system Geometry Modifier.
  • Nodules Strut Modifier.
  • Prev Hub Modifier.
  • Close Help System.
  • Make it
  • Shapes menu & Shapes settings:
  • Lyria Nautilus Oxystele
  • Ammonite Natalina Default
  • Nothing (make shell from your own settings)
  • Next Next Menu.

Interface/Menu Overview 2

  • Angles Menu
  • Alpha Equiangular angle of spiral.
  • Beta Angle between z-axis & line from aperture local origin to xyz origin.
  • Phi Tilt of ellipse major major axis from horizontal plane.
  • My Amount of "leaning Over" of aperture.
  • 0min Angle at which spiral begins.
Scripts catalog wizards pyshell interface2.jpg
  • 0max Angle at which spiral ends.
  • 0d Stepsize in 0 direction.
  • Smin Angle at which ellipse/arperture begins.
  • Smax Angle at which ellipse/arperture ends.
  • Sd Stepsize in S direction.
  • Omega Amount of Azimutal rotation of aperture.
  • A Distance from main origin of aperture at o=0.
  • A Major radius of ellipse.
  • B Minor radius of ellipse.
  • Hdiffo .
  • Scano .
  • Vert Number of vertices.
  • Col Number of Colonne.
  • Mo Changes Smax & Sd for tight spiral.
  • Hdiffs The degree of finesse can be calibrated by heightdiff.
  • Scans The degree of finesse can be calibrated by scan.
  • Finest "Finest", which helps identify the nodulosités of form.
  • Row Number of rows.
  • Ms Changes Omax & Od & Col for cross section.
  • R ReSet.

Scripts catalog wizards pyshell interface3.jpg

Interface/Menu Overview 3

  • File System Menu
  • Shell Factory allows you to save your settings!
  • Directory Name the directory to save your current settings.
  • Filename Name your object.
  • the Object/Settings are saved as a .cqlg file.
  • you can store multiple settings easily this way.
  • Save Save the file.
  • Loaded Currently loaded shape.
  • Sconstruction timer A visible timer during mesh creation/computation.
  • Vert warning Vertice amount warning.
  • Max .
  • R ReSet.

Scripts catalog wizards pyshell interface4.jpg

Interface/Menu Overview 4

  • Nodules Menu
  • P Position of nodule.
  • W2 Width of nodule in 0-direction.
  • L Height of nodule at o-0.
  • P2 Position of second nodule.
  • W22 Width of second nodule in 0-direction.
  • L2 Height of second nodule at o-0.
  • P3 Position of third nodule.
  • W23 Width of third nodule in 0-direction.
  • L3 Height of third nodule at o-0.
  • W1 Width of nodule in S-direction.
  • N Number of nodules per whorl.
  • W12 Width of second nodule in S-direction.
  • N2 Number of second nodules per whorl.
  • Off2 Offset of second nodule.
  • W13 Width of third nodule in S-direction.
  • N3 Number of third nodules per whorl.
  • Off3 Offset of third nodule.
  • Scale Scale.
  • R ReSet.

External Documentation

Additional Information

  • In the Wiki writer's opinion always have Python Installed on your computer when using scripts.



Thanks go to:

  • JmSoler (jms/cobolt) for The Script.