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Make a parametric humanoid.
UI location Group: Wizards Opens with Text Editor.
Version 1.80b Author(s) Manuel Bastioni, Make Human Team
Blender 2.42a - 2.48 License OSS Certified Software/GPL
Note(s) Notes:
  • Original Script Included in mh180b.blend
  • Instructions for Wiki Script & all files needed to use MH are in Links Wiki download.
  • Now included in the Wizards Toolkit Bundle.

Executable information
File name In mh180b.blend
Current version download Sources:
External Python Modules or dependencies Target packs



  • Make Human 1.80b is an old "Nostalgic" script.
  • It can still make some good, versatile Humans & Humaniods.
  • The wiki writer will try to keep the script functional for future versions of Blender, where possible.
  • The current version of Make Human is 0.91, the new program is far more powerful, flexable & functional.

Make Human 0.91

  • Make Human is Available as Standalone Program also.
  • (exports .obj & collada 1.4 file formats, compatible with Blender)
  • Thanks must go to the Make Human Team for their dedicated work.
  • MakeHuman is completely free, innovative and professional software for the modeling of 3-Dimensional characters. The features that make this software unique are the new Tetra-parametric GUI components and the Natural Pose System, for advanced muscular simulation. Using MakeHuman a photo realistic character can be modeled in less than 2 minutes; MakeHuman is released under an Open Source License, and is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.