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Cross Section
This script creates cross-sections of selected objects at their intersection with active object. Active object must be a plane (or any one-face object). Only meshes will be cut.
UI location Group: Object
Version 0.1.4 2008-09-22 Author(s) Yorik, alxarch
Blender 2.46 and up License GPL

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the cutting plane and the resulting cross section

Cross Section

This Script creates a cross section of selected meshes:

  • Create a couple of meshes that you will want to cut
  • Create a plane, passing through them. It will be your cutting plane. It can be any object, but it must have only one face.
  • Select the meshes, then, with shift, select the plane. The meshes will still be selected, and the plane will be active.
  • Run the script
  • Voilà! the meshes are cut at their intersection with the plane, and a new object is created containing the section. (In this image, I moved the section away for clarity)

Known issues

  • You must have been in Vertex or Edge mode when you apply the script. If you have been in Face mode, the script won't be able to fill the section.
  • You will get wrong results if some edges are coplanar with the cutting plane. Try moving the plane a little bit so no edge are directly on it.


Thanks go to:

  • Campbell Barton, for initial rough of this script