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BMAE v1.2
Edit Mesh Atrributes.
UI location Group: Mesh
Version v1.0 > 2006/06/01 Author(s) Ron Walker
Blender 2.42a -2.48a License GPL

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Additional information

The Blender Mesh Attribute Editor (BMAE) is a mesh creator for use with Blender whose main function allows you to set the size and location in Standard and/or Metric values.

Other features include mesh naming, axis orientation, edit mode/object mode draw type selection, mesh resizing and a fraction to decimal calculator/ledger combo. Created by Ron Walker, it also comes with an instruction manual.

BMAE version 1.2 supports three languages: English, Italian, and Spanish. Here is a quick look at the latest changes (compared to 1.1):


(1) Overhaul of the warning/filter system.

(2) Restructuring of the code

(3) Mesh code, Measuring code and Dictionaries are now modules (ongoing wip)

(4) New features: Core and Floor

(5) New Mesh Types and Mesh Type Divisions (2d/3d)

(6) New Options

(7) Increase in Segments and Rings max value (500)

(8) All face normals point outward (all) and positive (planar) by default, except Y direction (option).


(1) New Filter system GUI

(2) New buttons and menus

External Documentation

  • There is a guide on the download site