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Tools for CAD 2D-3D in Blender
UI location Group: CAD
Version 2.6 - 2008.12.27 Author(s) Paolo Provenda (AKA JAPY)
Blender 2.45 - 2.48 License GPL

Executable information
File name
Current version download ProCAD release 2.6 - (2008.12.27) - recent version as zip archive.

English UI for ProCAD 2.5 - (2008.11.25 wip) - English replacement for original Italian UI.
ProCAD release 2.5 - (2008.02.08) - recent version as zip archive, link to local mirror.

Data subfolder/dati_procad

Links project homepage

dedicated thread on Blender Artists forum
English documentation for version 2.6
ProCAD Manual on Italian blenderWiki - Manual for ProCAD ver.2.3 in Italian and English (partly complete).
The rough English translation (not complete!) of the Italian manual for prev. version 2.2: was found on, hosted locally here(1.7MB)


PROCAD 2.5: (from original Italian text by JAPY 2008, in rough English translation)

In order to use this new version 2,5:
copy all in the Blender script folder, start Blender,
launch in scripts window menu scripts -> mesh -> ProCAD.

If you intend to use the file .B.blend (setting Blender)
it should be moved to the folder .Blender
to replace the original.

Major upgrades from previous version:
- module os for loading GUI and file paths with new Blender 2.45,
- Fixed some bugs (referring to the new system for calculating distance and azimuth)
- Elimination of some commands from keyboard and moving of others,
- New command for EXT libraries - extensions of PROCAD (ex file)
- New command WITH procedure for extensions or shorten lines,
- New option for POL command references for known angular alignments,
- Moving the DEC command in the menu of measure MIS,
- New command PROCAD for frequently used keys in PROCAD (ex KEY)
- New command BLENDER for frequently used keys in Blender,
- New option CPA to locate the center of a circle or arc by 3 points,
- Creation of the Quick Reference Guide,
- First version of shares (horizontal, vertical line, indications, angular, radius)
- Upgrading the manual,
- New GUI.

Extensions included in this release:
- Time to crocera 
- Connection rectangle circle 
- Wall with door 
- Wall with window

To-Do list

  • multilingual support
  • English manual


v2.6 - 2008.12.27 by Paolo Provenda (AKA JAPY) (for 2.48)
v2.5 - 2008.11.18 English translation by Remigiusz Fiedler (AKA migius)
v2.5 - 2008.02.08 by Paolo Provenda (AKA JAPY) (for 2.45 and newer)
v2.4 - 2007.05.17 by Paolo Provenda (AKA JAPY) (for 2.41 - 2.43)
v2.3 - 2005. by Paolo Provenda (AKA JAPY)