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Stroke Line Style

笔触就是最终渲染的线条。然而,你可以微调它们,例如,除去比一些设定的阈值更长/短的笔触,将多个线条链接到一个单一的笔触或基于角度将笔触分为几段,虚线图案,...... Strokes are the final rendered lines. Yet you can tweaks them, eg. by removing the ones longer/shorter than some threshold, chain lines into a single stroke or break a stroke in several ones based on angles, dashed pattern, …


By default all retrieved lines from the line set are chained together. There are two basic chaining methods:

The default chaining method, it will create simple chains.
This chaining option allows for generating chains of feature edges with sketchy multiple strokes. Basically, is generates Round strokes instead of a single one. It is only really useful if you use some random-driven modifiers in the line style!
It specifies the number of rounds in sketchy strokes.

Chaining can also be turned off to render each line separately, which can be useful for line styles which depend on accurate representation of line set.



You can split up chains of Freestyle lines by checking one of the following:

材质边界(Material Boundary)
Splits chains of feature edges if they cross from one material to another.
最小2D角度(Min 2D Angle) and 最大2D角度(Max 2D Angle)
Splits chains of feature edges when they make a 2D angle above (resp. below) a minimum (resp. maximum) threshold.
2D Length
Splits chains when they are longer than the given value.
Splits the chains following the given dashed pattern (“D” stands for “dash”, “G” stands for “gap”, see also below).



You can also choose to only select (i.e. render) chains longer than Min 2D Length and/or shorter than Max 2D Length.


You can choose between three types of line caps:

Flat cap, exactly at the point the line ends.
Line tip caps
A half circle centered on the end point of the line.
A square centered on the end point of the line (hence, as the circle, the drawn end of the line is slightly extended compared the its computed value).

Dashed Line

Dashes Line UI

By enabling the Dashed Line check box, you can specify three pairs of dash and gap lengths. Dash values define the lengths of dash strokes, while gap values specify intervals between two dashes.

If a zero gap is specified, then the corresponding dash is ignored even if it has a non-zero value.

Dashes are treated as separate strokes, meaning that you can apply line caps, as well as color, alpha and thickness modifiers.