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Animando com Lattice

Você pode deformar um Lattice em animações das seguintes madeiras:

  • Animar os vértices do lattice com shape keys;
  • Mover o objeto filho do lattice ao logo do tempo.

A primeira técnica não tem basicamente nada de novo em relação às seções anteriores sobre Shape Key, só que esta é feita aplicando-se um parentesco entre o objeto lattice e o objeto a ser deformado. With the second kind you can create animations that squish things between rollers, or achieve the effect of a well-known space ship accelerating to warp-speed. As the object enters the Lattice, it starts to deform; as it emerges, it expands like a foam rubber ducky back to its original shape.

Lattice setup.

For example, make a space ship mesh object. Add a lattice around the ship. Make the lattice with the parameters shown to the right in Lattice setup. This panel is shown in the Buttons window, Editing (F9) context.

There are two ways to make the lattice deform the spaceship:

  • Select the object to be deformed by the lattice, and create a Lattice Modifier, entering the name of the Lattice in the Modifier panel.
  • Make the object to be deformed a child of the Lattice through a special Parent relationship.

For the old school parenting approach, select the ship, then shift-select (holding ⇧ Shift while selecting) the Lattice, and press CtrlP to make the lattice the parent of the ship. The popup window will ask if you want to make a regular parent relationship, or a Lattice Deform; choose Lattice Deformation.

You should not see any deformation of the ship because the lattice is still regular. If you did, click the Regular button in the Lattice panel.

For the next few steps it is important to do them in EditMode. Select the lattice, enter EditMode, and select all vertices (A). Scale the lattice along its x-axis (press MMB Template-MMB.png while initiating the scale) to get the stretch you want. The ship's mesh shows immediately the deformation caused by the lattice (Stretching).


Now edit the lattice in EditMode so that the right vertices have an increasing distance from each other. This will increase the stretch as the ship goes into the lattice. The right ends vertices I have scaled down so that they are nearly at one point; this will cause the vanishing of the ship at the end (Final lattice deformation).

Select the ship again and move it through the lattice to get a preview of the animation. Now you can do a normal keyframe animation to let the ship fly through the lattice.

Final lattice deformation.