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Build Modifier

Mode: Object Mode

Panel: Editing Context → Modifiers

Hotkey: F9


The Build modifier causes the faces of the Object to appear, one after the other, over time. If the Material of the Mesh is a Halo Material, rather than a standard one, then the vertices of the Mesh, not the faces, appear one after another.

Faces or vertices appear in the order in which they are stored in memory. This order can be altered by selecting the Object and pressing CtrlF out of EditMode to sort the face based on their local Z axis height.


Build modifier
The start frame of the building process
The number of frames over which to build up from 0% to 100%
Randomizes the order that the faces are built up
The random seed. Change this to get a different random (but deterministic) effect



Imagine a city being built right before your eyes. How about a fountain of halos? This example shows a simple tube, beauty short subdivided a few times, with the modifier turned on, from frames 1 to 100 (in steps of 10) with no additional animation.