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Blender 2.5+

How can I make my game into an standalone?

  • (one time only) File » User Preferences » Addons » Game Engine) enable the Add-On Game Engine: Save As Game Engine Runtime
  • (optional) File » External Data » Pack into .blend
  • File » Export » Save As Game Engine Runtime
  • (Windows only) Make sure all .dll libraries are placed in the same folder as the .exe file. You can find all .dlls in your Blender installation folder. (Blender should do that for you already.)

How to create the game for a different Operation System (OS)?

Blender only

Blender creates standalones for it's current OS only. That means you need the target OS and an installed Blender to create the application file.

What about making my game run in fullscreen?

  • Go to properties window
  • Select Render tab
  • In Standalone Player panel enable Fullscreen.