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svn update

  • Marco will mail roadmap/plan to bf-committers this week (probably wednesday). Test server is online. The official migration then is later, when it all works OK. Actual time to do migration will be discussed on mailing list.
  • There also will be work needed to get gforge configured OK. A couple of devs are needed who can manage svn for surgery actions.

Current projects - 2.44 release

(Ed. note: Ton said that "in a month after the release, we got 800,000 downloads!" "It is 4 x amount compared to 2 years ago.")

  • Ton thinks is possible to close cvs by the end of April for next release.
  • 64-bits clean-up has not started since kaito is waiting for OS DVDs. "Ballpark guesstimate" of two days to do clean-up one OS is up and running.
  • Andrea is working on updating the image browser; a patch is available on patch tracker. Too early to tell whether this will be ready in time for next release.
  • Willian has two simple modifiers in the patch tracker that can probably be finished for next release: 1) smooth and 2) cast (it's an spherify that also supports deforming to a cylinder or a cuboid), both based on functionality / code already in Blender tools. What they need: more testing and decision on min / max values for some parameters.
  • New judges for splash contest are being appointed.

EU projects

  • Details were sent to mailing list, but opportunies in 2 areas. One is for 'researchers' (technical not media) and one is for 'support'. A researcher would get a 3 year grant to work.

Openmovie 2

  • Ton is planning a new open-source movie project, and will need input during next weeks on how to involve developers better. It was quite hard to find a developer last time for full time.
  • one suggestion is breaking development into shorter cycles, and get a developer to commit for each cycle (so, for example, a single developer isn't committed across two university semesters)
  • another suggestion is a permanent hotspot/studio for artists and devs to work together; that way grants can be defined for devs to work for certain periods on issues