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Blender Web Plugin

The goal is to rewrite the Blender Web Plugin, supporting most web browsers in the market.

To achieve this goal, there will be three versions of the plugin: ActiveX (for compatibility with any Microsoft Windows(tm) Browser), XEmbed (for Linux/Xorg enabled browsers) and (name not defined yet) for running in MacOS X.

As in 2008-11-28 the plugin development will take place at the web-plugin branch:


Well... we just want to have our .blend files publishable in web sites... :)

Available Implementations

Those are the current implementations. They are in early alpha stages and ongoing projects.

There are some critical areas that need attention - such as security - before they get released to the public.


This will compromise a major code rewrite of the plugin. The legacy plugin was solely based in the OCX dll. This approach would led to some problems, such as context locking issues and global variable mess.

It turns out the plugin only worked with one instance per page. Also, the entire game player code was duplicated in it.

The new approach make it easier to maintain. Other benefit is that if the plugin crashes, the browser keeps going.

There are also other benefits - such as it'll be possible to implement a sandbox based on system calls interception. Those features will appear over time, but for now (and I mean by the end of the day 2008-11-03) it will be up and running with multiple instances and good performance.


The main code has been written by Enrico Francesco.