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This page is currently a proposal; nothing on here will be "official" until the details are all worked out.

Standards for Custom Properties in Blender Plugins


This page is here for different script authors to form a consensus of how to store custom data for render export scripts, importers/exporters, the gameengine, etc. All such data is stored using the new ID Property system.

The Process of Making New Standards

Here's how making new standards will work:


This is the proposed process for forming new standards:

There will be a "review board" whose purpose in life is to make suggestions on standards and weed out horribly done standards. Standards are not required to be "approved" by this board, however they can be vetoed later on in life if the board feels the standard is really badly done or the author has abandoned it. The primary author, any other authors involved in the standard, and the review board will work together to improve the standard.

So the process of making a new standard is:

  1. Create a new wiki page with your standard ideas, and put a link to it on this page.
  2. Email bf-script-devs mailling list (would another be better?) (make sure to join the list if you're not already on it) with a report of your standard.
  3. Make sure to mark your page as "unstable," so script authors know the standards might change.
  4. Unless you're proposing replacing an existing standard, you're standard is the "official" one until the review board says otherwise.

To modify an existing standard, you post comments in the standard's talk page and perhaps email the author with your ideas.

Render Exporters

Game Engines

Scene properties

3D Audio Systems