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Blender 2.79: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 27c64e3f46 to edc6bec9d6, inclusive (master branch).

Total fixed bugs: 698 (355 from tracker, 343 reported/found by other ways).

Before RC1 (i.e. during regular development of next version in master branch), only fixes of issues which already existed in previous official releases are listed here. Fixes for regressions introduced since last release, or for new features, are not listed here.
For following RCs and final release, all backported fixes are listed.

Objects / Animation / GP


  • Fix T50026: "Only Insert Needed" doesn't work when using Trackball rotation (rB8b2905952e).
  • Fix T49816: Keyframing NLA Strip influence from Python set keyframes in the wrong place (rB3cbe95f683).
  • Fix T50842: NLA Influence Curve draws out of bounds when it exceeds the 0-1 range (rB91ce13e90d).
  • Fix T50904: Imprecise timeline frame selection using mouse (rB17689f8bb6).
  • Fix T51867: Insert Keyframe I - L / I - R / I - S key combos are broken (rB7abed4e433).
  • Fix T51792: crash calling bpy.ops.screen.animation_cancel while scrubbing (rBf51438aea0).
  • Fix T50973: Directional blur node doesn't clamp value if using driver (rB00d476976e).
  • Fix T51879: NLA Influence can not be autokeyed (rBb452003015).
  • Fix T52009: F-Curve "Stepped interpolation" modifier "restrict frame-range" IN and OUT parameters cannot be edited (rBfdfcbfd040).
  • Fix T52058: Jumping to keyframe causes Blender to freeze indefinitely (rB7021aa245d).
  • Fix unreported: Fixes for pose library change 601ce6a89c4 (rB305fec8358).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix some errors printed to the console (rB630c0559f9).
  • Fix unreported: Also apply similar fixes to .keyframe_delete() (rBb1c6ddb107).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: NLA "Strip Time" setting cannot be edited (rB65582e75e3).
  • Fix unreported: fix: redraw dope sheet / action editor when pose bone selection changes (rB502c4be56e).
  • Fix unreported: A bunch of fixes for Pose Library while checking on T51607 (rB085ed00e42).


  • Fix T49981: When camera is on inactive layer, it does not evaluate constraints (rB24676b535a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) missing update when adding constraint from RNA (rBd66d5790e9).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/workaround T50677: Shrinkwrap constraint don't get updated when target mesh gets modified (rB2342cd0a0f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix another part of T50565: Planar constraints were always initialized to accurate transform (rB87f8bb8d1d).

Grease Pencil

  • Fix unreported: Fix Grease Pencil render in VSE crashes when no strips (#T49975) (rB0b9b8ab2dd).
  • Fix unreported: Grease Pencil: Fix python errors opening N panel -> GP with empty VSE (rB89c1f9db37).
  • Fix unreported: GPencil: Fix unreported error in animation after rename items (rB196520fe7d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Avoid creating redundant frames when erasing (rB7452af0f86).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Make it possible to erase strokes (on other layers) even if the active layer doesn't have any frames (rB00edc600b0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix minor glitches in GP code (rB475d536f72).
  • Fix unreported: GPencil: Fix unreported animation data missing when change palette name (rB520afa2962).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: GPencil delete operators did not respect color locking (rB117d90b3da).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing NULL check in gpencil poll (rBcb6ec44fc7).
  • Fix unreported: GPencil Copy/Paste Fix: Copying/Pasting strokes between datablocks would crash (rB89d4164f54).
  • Fix unreported: GP Copy/Paste Fix: Paste button doesn't update after copying strokes using Ctrl-C (rB7667040dd0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Pasting GP strokes files between files (or when the original colors were deleted) would crash (rB2bd49785f9).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: GP Clone brush was not correcting color references for pasted strokes either (rBd25ab3fcc4).
  • Fix unreported: Grease Pencil: Fix hardcoded DKEY for continous drawing (rBc2d285f0ff).


  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) asserts in `make_object_duplilist_real()` (rB17fb504bcf).
  • Fix unreported: Fix UV layer bug in object_utils.object_data_add() (rBb8710e1468).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Torus default UV's offset outside 0-1 bounds (rBd30a0239a2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leak when making duplicates real and parent had constraints (rBcd5c853307).
  • Fix unreported: Fix race condition invalidating object data's bounding box (rBe6954a5a7c).
  • Fix unreported: MakeLocal: fix bad (missing) handling of proxy_from uglyness (rB622ce5672a).

Dependency Graph

  • Fix T49836: Partial Camera DOF properties not updating via graph editor (rB42a91f7ad8).
  • Fix T49826: NEW-DEPSGRAPH - Texture is not updated after changing its space color (rB647255db93).
  • Fix T49993: Indirectly used taper/bevel crashes new dependency graph (rB7dda3cf830).
  • Fix T49994: Setting dupligroup which uses indirect relation will crash (rB7d33d4439f).
  • Fix T50060: New depsgraph does not update mask animation (rB1f8762bb8e).
  • Fix T49981: New Depsgraph - When camera is on inactive layer, it does not evaluate constraints (rB25c534f20a).
  • Fix T50512: Linked Backround scene with animation not updating with new depsgraph (rBe29a6f739d).
  • Fix T50331: New Dependency Graph - "frame" python driver expression not working (rBa90622ce93).
  • Fix T50938: Cache not being reset when changing simulation settings with new depsgraph (rB9ad252d157).
  • Fix T51318: Non-update of preview when switching from world to lamp panel (rB849e77b1f9).
  • Fix T52134: New depsgraph crashes when evaluating several psys on from object (rB4d67034076).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix race condition writing drivers to array property (rB643c5a24d5).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix wrong comparison of ID type vs. node type (rBfc1b35e44c).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix wrong relation from IK solver to pole target (rBaef66a6be0).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix another issue which seems to be a bug (rBf0d53ac109).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix wrong relations in array modifier (rB4710fa700c).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix missing ID node tag (rB653541ea78).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix typo in text on curve relation builder (rBb1743cda5a).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix missing DONE flag in relations builder (rB24d89a1f77).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix frash with iTaSC solver (rBaf0e6b31a5).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgrpah: Fix missing animation update in movie clips (rBd294509dd8).
  • Fix unreported: Fix copy/paste typo in new depsgraph object geometry builder (found by coverity) (rBb859fef670).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix infinite viewport object update in CYcles render mode (rB5eab3b079f).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix matrix_world driver source (rBf2b57c3532).
  • Fix unreported: Fix depsgraph: hair collision is actually enabled, so add the relations (rB60dae91db8).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix duplicated operation node when two objects are sharing same armature (rB605695de61).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fixed crash with curve bevel indirect dupligroups (rB0434053f13).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix missing relations update tag when typing #frame (rBdc5007648c).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix missing updates when in local view (rB843be91002).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing relation in new DEG between World and its NodeTree (rB42c346028f).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix/workaround crahs when fcu->rna_path is NULL (rB8eeb610832).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix object being tagged for data update when it shouldn't (rB34cb934343).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix missing relations for objects which are indirectly linked (rBd1d359b792).

Data / Geometry


  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix crash deleting bones in armature edit mode (rB4d9562a3ae).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash happening in some cases with MakeLocal operator (rBed957768a0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) crash when drawing armatures' poses in some cases (rB1be717d007).

Curve/Text Editing

  • Fix unreported: Fix missing break setting curve auto-handles (rB406398213c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix serious bug in 'curve-to-mesh' conversion code (rB7a80c34f52).

Mesh Editing

  • Fix unreported: BMesh: fix edge-rotation selection state bug (rBd3919c22b0).
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: fix edge-rotate with w/ flipped faces (rB77ba1ed5db).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) looptri array not being recalculated in ccgDM and emDM (rB7fe7835d13).
  • Fix unreported: Fix face-creation with existing hidden geometry (rB11187e8628).
  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong loop normals left after face splitting (rB20283bfa0b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix wrong edges created by split faces (rB40e5bc15e9).
  • Fix unreported: Fix more corner cases failing in mesh faces split (rB9b3d415f6a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix useless allocation of edge_vectors in threaded case of loop split generation (rB9d6acc34a1).
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: Fix BM_face_loop_separate_multi (rB304315d181).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unreported: inaccuracy of interpolation of custom color layers due to float truncation (rBa6f74453b6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix skin mark operator (rBdd662c74ae).
  • Fix unreported: Fix possible invalid normal use w/ tangent calc (rBd252ac6b95).
  • Fix unreported: Fix error accessing tessface color in edit-mode (rBa033a7bef9).
  • Fix unreported: Fix freeing all custom-data layers (rBac66fb193f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/workaround 'convert object' messing up linked data (rB880e96dd66).
  • Fix unreported: Fix topology mirror ignoring center verts (rB6e90294e08).


  • Fix unreported: Fix potential NULL dereference in mesh sequence cache modifier (rB841c4deed7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (IRC reported) DataTransfer modifier affecting base mesh in some cases (rBe4e1900012).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Surface Deform crash with missing or freed DM (rB0a032ce83b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Surface Deform not unbinding if target is removed (rBca958642fa).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) memleak in Warp modifier copying (rB5b6838129f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix integer overflows in meshcache modifier (rBbddd9d809d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) Dynamic Paint modifier not increasing ID usercount in copy function (rB0d5c7e5e36).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) bad copying code in Mesh Deform modifier (rBe917bc5ee0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) bad copying of Ocean modifier (rB1addac8e0c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) bad copying code of Surface Deform modifier (rB24486513d5).
  • Fix unreported: Opensubdiv: Fix compilation error with older Opensubdiv versions (rB1dfc4be6ab).

Material / Texture

  • Fix unreported: Fix reading past bounds removing from color ramp (rB57bcc19bb3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) memory leak in Fluid modifier copying (rBe9aaf5ed21).

Physics / Simulations / Sculpt / Paint


  • Fix T51390: Blender 2.78c will freeze or force close when adding particles at random (rB06ca2c9d03).
  • Fix T51523: Lattice modifier affecting particles even when disabled (rB56422ff6c3).
  • Fix T51991: Disabled for viewport particle system becomes visible after BI render (rB4d4ebc8300).

Physics / Hair / Simulations

  • Fix unreported: Viewport smoke: fix a couple of issues in the new display settings (rBae69986b70).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leak when Blender is build without Bullet and files with RB is opened (rB0085001eb0).
  • Fix unreported: Dynamic Paint: Fix random pixel flooding by absolute brush with spread (rBb86042f21a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing hair after rendering with different viewport/render settings (rB03544eccb4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix part of T50634: Hair Primitive as Triangles + Hair shader with a texture = crash (rB209a64111e).
  • Fix unreported: Fix hair_step is a short (rB12651aba03).
  • Fix unreported: Fix rigid body not resimulating after cache invalidation (rB3edc8c1f9b).

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) bad handling of brush's fill threshold value (rBf6083b7bcd).
  • Fix unreported: Fix brush menu broken before adding uv and texture data (rB157a8727b5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix texture paint crash when painting onto stencil (rB248bba81e7).

Image / Video / Render

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix unreported: Dynamic Paint: Fix adjacency computations at UV seams (rB9a66d0ad1b).
  • Fix unreported: FFmpeg: Fix off by one error in number of detected frames in matroska container (rBa54242503e).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) memleak in ImBuf mipmap code in some cases (rBa4c6558481).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) crash in 'Match movie length operator' in case of lost video texture file (rBb47c912f4b).
  • Fix unreported: Image: Fix non-deterministic behavior of image sequence loading (rBe76364adcd).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported): Crash if a right click is performed on an image datablock (open btn f.e.) (rB894513c7fd).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leak when saving OpenEXR files (rB26b2323189).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash from freeing of NULL pointer (rB0a6c57d3d2).
  • Fix unreported: Partial fix of T51989: Don't set image user offset for movie files (rB9a4cfc3e77).


  • Fix unreported: Masks: Fix broken animation after adding primitives (rB294ffa0d49).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) missing Image usercount increase when copying UVProject modifier (rBe3b1d562a7).

Motion Tracking

  • Fix unreported: Libmv: Fix copy-paste mistake in camera intrinsic parameters (rB356dacea90).
  • Fix unreported: Libmv: Fix missing virtual destructor in frame access sub-class (rB1c34a7f4eb).
  • Fix unreported: Fix float buffer of tracking image accessed outside of check that it has been correctly allocated (rB21e1282265).
  • Fix unreported: Libmv: Fix crash of keyframe selection on 32bit linux (rBa1f8755d32).
  • Fix unreported: Tracking: Fix use-after-free bug (rB58f3b3c6d1).

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix unreported: Fix Node space ID remap callback not handling node trees (rB884693b42a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) nodeRemoveAllSockets() not clearing inputs/outputs sockets lists (rBbd6a9fd734).
  • Fix unreported: Fix NodeGroup generic verify function crashing if node's ID pointer is NULL (rBfa6a62fac2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/workaround T51007: Material viewport mode crash on node with more than 64 outputs (rB6aa972ebd4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: T50271: Bilateral/Directional blur's iterations is zero by default (rBa85f457195).
  • Fix unreported: Fix error in node flag check (rB6abcd6cfd5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/workaround T51070: Cannot scale procedural texture in compositor (rBec051f5103).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unreported: Copy-pasting nodes crashes when they have an undefined type (rBcd8c46627f).
  • Fix unreported: Compositor: Fix compilation error and crash when using defocus search (rBe3bddcb215).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leak caused by node clipboard (rBd5d7d453a5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix compositor Glare node with Simpler Star resulting in uneven rays (rBb7fb00f512).


  • Fix unreported: OpenGL render: Bugfix (unreported) afterrB6f92604e539b2114763150fb1ace60d28e59a889 (rBcade262c47).
  • Fix unreported: OpenGL render: Fix non-deterministic order of frame writes for movies (rBae2471b850).
  • Fix unreported: OpenGL render: Fix missing file output after pressing Esc (rB54dad5c49f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix World Space Shading option influence on Fresnel node for BI + cleanup (rB84a283d18c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unreported bug in Blender Render: using unnormalized normal in normal map node in the same way as in baking (rB27d20a04b5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix threading conflicts in multitex_ext_safe() (rB25ab3aac9d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing render update when building without OCIO but having GLSL image draw method (rB717d85fb1c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leak in environment (rBf89c6e739a).

Render: Cycles

  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix another OpenCL logging issue (rBf7ce482385).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix OpenCL compilation with the new brick texture (rB2e9dd1200f).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix OpenCL build error caused by light termination commit (rBf800794b97).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Brick Texture GLSL, broken after Mortar Smooth addition (rB28639a22bc).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Cycles OSL compilation based on modified time not working (rBb5a58507f2).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix different noise pattern from fix in T49838 (rB2a2eb0c463).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Cycles device backwards compatibility error if device type is unavailable (rB411836d97c).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix correlation issues in certain cases (rB9d50175b6c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix emissive volumes generates unexpected fireflies around intersections (rBdd58390d71).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong motion blur when combining deformation motion blur with autosplit (rB394fa07d41).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong scaling of traversed instances debug pass (rB789fdab825).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong transparent shadows for motion blur hair (rBe5a665fe24).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix amount of rendered samples not being shown while rendering the last tile on CPU (rB4a19112277).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix typo in the panel name (rB77982e159c).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix rng_state initialization when using resumable rendering (rBfa19940dc6).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix regression with transparent shadows in volume (rBb16fd22018).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix pointiness attribute giving wrong results with autosplit (rBfd7e9f7974).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong shading on GPU when background has NaN pixels and MIS enabled (rB581c819013).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong transparent shadows with CUDA (rB21dbfb7828).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong pointiness caused by precision issues (rB5723aa8c02).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix missing initialization of triangle BVH steps (rB088c6a17ba).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong hair render results when using BVH motion steps (rBdc7bbd731a).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix shading with autosmooth and custom normals (rB36c4fc1ea9).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Cycles still saving render output when error happened (rB75cc33fa20).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong render results with texture limit and half-float textures (rB4e12113bea).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix non-zero exit status when rendering animation from CLI and running out of memory (rBf49e28bae7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/workaround T48549: Crash baking high-to-low-poly normal map in cycles (rBefe78d824e).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix division by zero in volume code which was producing -nan (rB87f236cd10).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix possibly uninitialized variable (rB810d7d4694).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix crash after failed kernel build (rB997e345bd2).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix CUDA build error for some compilers (rBc837bd5ea5).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix handling of barriers (rB60a344b43d).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong vector allocation in the mesh sync code (rBeb1a57b12c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/workaround T50533: Transparency shader doesn't cast shadows with curve segments (rB2b44db4cfc).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix speed regression on GPU (rBa1348dde2e).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix uninitialized memory access when comparing curve mapping nodes (rB5ce95df2c6).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix race condition in attributes creation during SVM compilation (rB52029e689c).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix corrupted mesh render when topology differs at the next frame (rB9706bfd25d).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix access of NULL pointer as array (rBfd08570665).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix race condition in shader attribute for real now (rBc8e764ccbf).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix the AO replacement option in the split kernel (rBef816f9cff).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix over-allocation of triangles storage for triangle primitive hair (rBbe60e9b8c5).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix missing type declaration in OpenCL image (rB4846184095).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix crash when assigning KernelGlobals (rBed688e4843).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix access array index of -1 in SSS and volume split kernels (rB2eb906e1b4).
  • Fix unreported: [Cycles] Fix math problems in safe_logf (rBc9451f1cff).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix transform addressing in the denoiser code (rBe518ea9b5e).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix occasional black pixels from denoising with excessive radii (rB58a0c27546).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: fix AO approximation for split kernel (rB90b9467861).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles Denoising: Fix wrong order of denoising feature passes (rBb3a3459e1a).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix random noise pattern seen with multiscatter bsdf and split kernel (rB29f4a8510c).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix denoising passes being written when they're not actually generated (rBc73206acc5).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix race condition happening in progress utility (rB794311c92b).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix excessive sampling weight of glossy Principled BSDF components (rB1979176088).
  • Fix unreported: Fix principled BSDF incorrectly missing subsurface component with base color black (rB52b9516e03).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix comparison in principled BSDF (rB1f933c94a7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix potential memory leak in Cycles loading of packed/generated images (rBa4cd7b7297).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Cycles denoising NaNs with a 1 sample renders (rBec831ee7d1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Cycles multi scatter GGX different render results with Clang and GCC (rB9e929c911e).

Render: Freestyle

  • Fix T49479: Freestyle inconsistent line drawing with large geometry dimension (rB7f262acb92).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unfreed memory after cleaning render layers (rB18cf3e1a38).
  • Fix unreported: Freestyle: Fix (unreported) wrong distance calculation in the Fill Range by Selection operator (rBcdff659036).
  • Fix unreported: Freestyle: Fix (unreported) wrong distance calculation in the Fill Range by Selection operator (rBcdff659036).
  • Fix unreported: Fix freestyle lineset panels being animatable (rBb0ee9aaa5d).


  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) Sequencer Drop effect: wrong initial offset in second input buffer (rBfc4a51e3fa).
  • Fix unreported: Sequencer: Fix broken interface script since 415ff74 (rB5e82981f47).
  • Fix unreported: Fix byte-to-float conversion when using scene strips in sequencer with identical color spaces (rB06ac6ded66).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash opening really old files with compositor (rB0e46da76b7).
  • Fix unreported: Better fix for sequencer crash when text strip doesn't have effect data (rBaea4456101).

UI / Spaces / Transform

3D View

  • Fix unreported: fix for potential pitfall with glMatrixMode (rBa3d258bfb4).
  • Fix unreported: Viewport SSAO: Fix normals not normalized (rB0507b3e4c4).
  • Fix unreported: Fix possible crash in various 3D View operators (rB7359cc1060).
  • Fix unreported: Rigid body: fix viewport not updating on properties change (rB15fa806160).
  • Fix unreported: Fix stereoscopic camera volume drawing (rB2ad1124372).
  • Fix unreported: Partial fix to Multi-View single eye issues in viewport (rBd2f1f80a6f).
  • Fix unreported: Fixup for multi-view single eye viewport issues (rB195d0fbae3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix GPencil depth checks (rBb5a976ec19).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bad index use drawing deformed face centers (rBe2b1c70b48).

Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)

  • Fix unreported: GHOST X11 keyboard: Attempt to fix issues with modifier keys on some systems (rB87b3faf557).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Windows mouse wheel scroll speed (rB26d7d995db).


  • Fix T51680: 'Delete Group' from Group view of Outliner does not work (rBf783efd127).
  • Fix T51926: Selecting pose icon under expanded group in outliner causes crash (rBa57a7975a1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix outliner contextual menu allowing to delete indirect libraries (rBfa9bd04483).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing undo pushes in outliner's new datablock management operations (rB1f65ab606b).

Text Editor


  • Fix T50486: Don't always do the `ray_start_correction` in the ortho view (rB88b0b22914).
  • Fix T49632: Grease pencil in "Edit Strokes" mode: Snap tool did not snap points to active object A simple confusion between enums: ~SNAP_NOT_ACTIVE~ (rB997a210b08).
  • Fix T49494: snap_align_rotation should use a local pivot to make the transformation (rBddf99214dc).
  • Fix T50125: Shortcut keys missing in menus for Clear Location, Rotation, and Scale (rB52696a0d3f).
  • Fix T46892: snap to closest point now works with Individual Origins (rB21f3767809).
  • Fix T50592: Scene.raycast not working (rB47caf343c0).
  • Fix T50602: Avoid crash when executing `transform_snap_context_project_view3d_mixed` with `dist_px` NULL (rB22156d951d).
  • Fix T50565: Planar constraints don't work properly with non-Blender key configurations (rB278fce1170).
  • Fix T47690: Connected PET w/ individual origins (rB12e681909f).
  • Fix T50899: Even though the Shrinkwrap options hide the possibility of using a non-mesh target, you can still circumvent this... Causing Crash (rBa81ea40836).
  • Fix T51169: Push/pull fails w/ local lock axis (rB9737401688).
  • Fix T51651: translate w/ individual origins fails (rB3be073807b).
  • Fix T51691: Shear cursor input scales w/ zoom (rB863f0434ec).
  • Fix T51756: Fix crash when transforming vertices in edit mode (rBd583af0026).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unreported bug: parameter ray_start repeated (rB318ee2e8c1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bug not reported: Ruler/Protractor: Snap to vertices and edges was not considering the depth variation (rBd07e2416db).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) crash in new snap code (rBa2c469edc2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unreported bug: Ensure you have the correct array directory even after the `dm->release(dm)` (rB631ecbc4ca).
  • Fix unreported: Fix second part T50565: Using planar transform once makes it enabled by default (rB499faa8b11).
  • Fix unreported: Fix another part of T50565: Planar constraints were always initialized to accurate transform (rB87f8bb8d1d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix buffer read error w/ 2 pass select queries (rB2462320210).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unpredictable trackball rotation (rB9210a4faf3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix [T51595]: Snap to edge does not work with high zoom level (rB3f39719b5d).
  • Fix unreported: Snap System: fix rename `ob` to `obj` (rBc6ddef7359).
  • Fix unreported: Snap System: Fixed index of objects used to make `snap to volume` (rB8009564503).

User Interface

  • Fix unreported: Fix menu drawing printing 'unknown operator' warning when building without WITH_BULLET (rBc126a5179f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix vertical scrollbar adding to region width in graph editor (rBdf3394a386).
  • Fix unreported: Fix jumping view when expanding graph editor channel over view bounds (rB4b39069908).
  • Fix unreported: UI: Fix crash using drag-toggle over window bounds with button callback (rBc5326958a5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash in space context cycling when leaving window bounds (rB2476faebd7).
  • Fix unreported: GPencil: Fix interpolate stroke keymap conflict with sculpt (rBb859557115).
  • Fix unreported: More fixes for keyframe theme options (rB2a53e0975c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix unlikely uninitialized pointer usage (rB0b749d57ee).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Make Vertex Parent operator missing from vertex/curve/lattice menus (rB4151f12713).
  • Fix unreported: Fix menu inconsistencies (rBcb117f283b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix prefs UI when built w/o Cycles (rB403f00e558).
  • Fix unreported: Fix expanding enum property in sub-layout of pie menus (rBd5708fdad6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix drawing enum property with icon only flag (rB524ab96245).
  • Fix unreported: UI Layout: fix some cases mixing fixed and expandable sizes (rBda026249ab).
  • Fix unreported: Fix blurry icons (rB15b253c082).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Drawing nested box layouts (D2508) (rB3622074bf7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix rows with fixed last item (D2524) (rB94ca09e01c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix text and icon positioning issues (rB32c5f3d772).
  • Fix unreported: Fix width calculation for split layouts (rBf1c764fd8f).
  • Fix unreported: Fix icon alignment for pie buttons (rB76015f98ae).
  • Fix unreported: Fix for splash not opening centered (rB253281f9d6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix various i18n ambiguous issues reported in T43295 (rBa7f16c17c2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Button's label can be NULL (rB001fce167a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Use "round" instead of "floor" in snapping UI to pixels (rBfa63515c37).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Ignore min flag for rows that require all available width (rB4bdb2d4885).
  • Fix unreported: Fix padding and align calculation for box layouts (rB505b3b7328).
  • Fix unreported: Fix columns with fixed width (rB5ce120b865).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Icon offset for pie buttons (rB59bb4ca1b0).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: width of UILayout.prop_enum() buttons (rB31bdb31ecf).
  • Fix unreported: Fix UI: double separator in Movie Clip Editor's view menu (rB8d78df315c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix 'API defined' ID properties still having 'remove' button in UI (rB42c8d93c5f).
  • Fix unreported: UI: Fix some small ui inconsistencies (rBf0bbb67e8a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Icon alignment for scaled pie buttons with no text (rB9e08019b74).
  • Fix unreported: Fix node UI not using translation context correctly (rBb5696f2799).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bad loss of precision when manually editing values in numbuttons (rBecb5b55d7f).

Game Engine

  • Fix unreported: BGE: Fix silly typo that invalidates negative scaling camera feature (rB89b1805df6).

System / Misc


  • Fix unreported: Fix: setting an audio callback before audio device initialization (rBe9689e1a20).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Audio plays back incorrectly after rendering to a video file (rBe713009e9b).
  • Fix unreported: Fix potential memory leak in Sequencer sound strip creation code (rBb488988ab1).


  • Fix T50004: Removed check for empty mesh and adjusted the vertex import function to accept meshes without vertices as well (rB447fc7c4ce).
  • Fix T50118: Added missing assignment of Bone Roll (rBd464a7c441).
  • Fix T50923: Inconsistent default values and wrong order of parameters in api call (rBb759d3c9c5).
  • Fix T52065: Joint ID was generated wrong for bone animation exports (rB9feeb14e91).
  • Fix unreported: fix D2489: Collada exporter broke edit data when exporting Armature while in Armature edit mode (rBc64c901535).
  • Fix unreported: fix D2489: Collada exporter broke edit data when exporting Armature while in Armature edit mode (rBba116c8e9c).
  • Fix unreported: fix D2552: Collada - use unique id for bones with same name but in different armatures. Co-authored-by: Gaia <> (rBda6cd77628).
  • Fix unreported: fix: collada - Connected bones get their tails set to wrong location when fix leaf nodes option is enabled (rBec3989441f).
  • Fix unreported: fix: T50412 - collada: Replaced precision local limit function by blender's own implementation (rB3bf0026bec).
  • Fix unreported: fix: collada - do proper conversion from int to bool (as with other nearby parameters) (rBf65d6ea954).
  • Fix unreported: Fix collada importer doing own handling of usercount/freeing (rB7853ebc204).
  • Fix unreported: Collada: Fix: Geometry exporter did not create all polylist when meshes are only partially textured (rBbdacb60a92).
  • Fix unreported: fix: adjusted collada declaration after changes in collada module. @campbell Barton: Why is this declaration needed at all in stubs.c? Further up the file collada.h is imported and that already decalres the function and results in a duplicate declaration (rBd17786b107).
  • Fix unreported: fix: collada: removed unnecessary extra qualification (rB1340c7bcdc).
  • Fix unreported: fix: Collada fprintf needs std::string be converted to char * (rBfcb8761966).
  • Fix unreported: fix: T51622 The exporter now exports meshes as <Triangles> when all contained polygons are tris (rBc9b95c28f6).

File I/O

  • Fix unreported: CacheFile: fix missing depsgraph update (rB65c481e145).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic export: fix frame range values being reset at every update, draw call (rB0c13792437).
  • Fix unreported: Fix forward-compat Nodes write code being executed also for undo steps writing (rB5a6534a5bb).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash when opening a Blender file containing Alembic data (rB62a2ed97ba).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) linked datablocks going through do_versions several times (rBbd42987399).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) crash when file browser attempts to show preview of some defective font (rBf14e1da5aa).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic/CacheFile: fix crash de-referencing NULL pointer (rB4580ace4c1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) Object previews being written even for skipped objects (rBf7eaaf35b4).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic: fixed mistake in bounding box computation (rBb929eef8c5).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic: fix naming of imported transforms (rB54102ab36e).
  • Fix unreported: Fix lib_link_cachefile (rBe1909958d9).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic: fixed importer (rB02d6df80aa).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic import: fixed bug where local matrix from Alembic was used as object matrix (rBd1696622b7).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic import: fixed crash on more complex model (rBbc55c19807).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic export: fixed exporting as "flat" (rB642728b339).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic import: fixed off-by-one error in start/end frame (rB0706b908db).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic export: fixed flattened dupligroup import (rB4d117f2fd2).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic import: fixed dupligroup export when the dupli-empty has a parent (rB5fa4f397c2).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic export: fixed curve type and order (rBd24578b676).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic: fixed refcount issue when duplicating imported objects (rB20621d46d1).
  • Fix unreported: Proper fix for crash loading old files with compositor (rB3de9db9650).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic import: fixed bug interpolating between frames (rB24a0b332e2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) seldom crash when using previews in filebrowser (rB73adf3e27d).


  • Fix T49899: Add EIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW to classes that use eigen's data types , to force aligned on 16 byte boundaries (rB0de157a320).
  • Fix T50305: Blender truncates a long multibyte character object's name to an invalid utf-8 string (rB752a783fa4).
  • Fix T51024: Switch install_deps to set OSL_ROOT_DIR instead of CYCLES_OSL (rB797b1d5053).
  • Fix T51624: Scene Full Copy ignores shader node links (rBbe31582e3d).
  • Fix T51889: broken UI after File > New without a userpref.blend (rB46c7d45f77).
  • Fix T51998: Anim player uses 100% CPU (rB910ab14145).
  • Fix unreported: API doc update script: Fix generated zipfile name, was broken in 'release' case (rB56c798ee62).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) some RNA func definitions setting flags of other func parameters! (rB7415b9ffa3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) `--threads` option no more respected by main task scheduler (rB8db2f72997).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) fully broken 'sanitize utf-8' helper (rBadadfaad88).
  • Fix unreported: Fix/cleanup stupid check on array of char being non-NULL pointer (rBa97ec403c2).
  • Fix unreported: Fix 'public' global 'g_atexit' var in Blender (rBac8348d033).
  • Fix unreported: Fix some more minor issue with updated py doc generation (rB29859d0d5e).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bug on Blender version string (rB81dc8dd42a).
  • Fix unreported: Install deps: Fix compilation error of Alembic (rB358def15a3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Object.raycast: error to free treedata (rB34ea8058b9).
  • Fix unreported: Docs: Fix file:line links in generated API docs (rBb94a433ca3).


  • Fix unreported: Fix objects added via py being on the wrong layer when viewport is decoupled from scene (rB17603b9f01).
  • Fix unreported: API: Fix Links (rBcf9a6b416c).
  • Fix unreported: Fix custom props not being handled correctly by manual/pyref UI menu entries (rBe17b92f535).
  • Fix unreported: API: Fix double slashes in URLs (rB911544c70c).
  • Fix unreported: API: Fix redirect in bgl page (rB42e4b0955c).
  • Fix unreported: API: Fix rst syntax (rB13174df534).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing uniform type for python GPU uniform export (rBd4e0557cf1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix incorrect spot lamp blend in python GPU uniform export (rB7f10a889e3).
  • Fix unreported: Fix memory leak re-registering operators (rBd808557d15).
  • Fix unreported: Fix 'bl_app_override' wrapping multiple times (rB4f69dca547).
  • Fix unreported: Fix PyAPI crash assigning/deleting id-properties (rB5cdd94a58e).


  • Fix unreported: Fix some assert when making local (due to infamous PITA ShapeKey ID) (rB18be39ff17).
  • Fix unreported: Fix `BKE_library_make_local()` trying to also make local proxified objects (rBe316636fa8).
  • Fix unreported: Fix two very bad issues in new ID.make_local RNA function (rBb97c567c1d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (IRC reported) bad handling of Text data-block user count (rBa9163f7d22).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing user when opening text from ID UI widget (rB646aa40cf7).
  • Fix unreported: [Cycles/MSVC/Testing] Fix broken test code (rB64f5afdb89).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing non-ID nodetrees in ID relationships built from library_query.c (rBfbd28d375a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix ugly mistake in BLI_task - freeing while some tasks are still being processed (rB18c2a44333).
  • Fix unreported: Fix GHOST crash on X11 with recent DPI changes on some systems (rB393efccb19).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash closing window in background mode (rBa7ca991841).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing protection of `RNA_pointer_as_string()` against NULL pointers (rB9170e49250).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) missing handling of GPencil Layer's parent Object pointer in BKE_library_query (rB1c28e12414).
  • Fix unreported: Fix use after free of new render layer ID properites after copying scene (rBffa31a8421).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing usercount update of poselib when copying Object (rBb180900e52).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bad handling of 'extra' user for groups at their creation (rB8b0f968a31).
  • Fix unreported: Fix crash when making local object+obdata with linked armature (rBf097e73a2a).
  • Fix unreported: Fix three obvious mistakes in brush/mask/cachefile ID copying (rB31437b0d4d).
  • Fix unreported: Fix potentially dnagerous code in doversionning of brush (rB25c0666b90).
  • Fix unreported: Fix dangerous code when deleting Scene (rBee5ed2ae26).
  • Fix unreported: Guarded allocator: Fix type in macro definition (rB8bf108dd48).
  • Fix unreported: Fix ED_OT_undo_redo operator (rB5b2b5a4258).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) Scene copying doing very stupid things with World and LineStyle usercounts (rB806bc4b433).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) Scene's copying toolsettings' clone and canvas, and particles' scene and object pointers (rB665288ccd7).
  • Fix unreported: Fix (unreported) broken uvsculpt in Scene's toolsettings' copying (rB8677c76f13).