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Blender 2.78 Release Notes

Splash 278.jpg

The Blender Foundation and online developer community are proud to present Blender 2.78!

Download the 2.78 Release

In this release:

  • Cycles: Cycles now supports rendering spherical stereo images for VR.
  • Grease Pencil: Reworked to be similar to other 2D drawing softwares.
  • Alembic: Initial basic support in Blender.
  • Improvements to Bendy Bones for Easier and Simpler Rigging.
  • Eleven new add-ons.
  • And: 100s of bug fixes and other improvements!

2.78b Performance release

This is a 2.78a release-compatible update with important speedups, especially in Cycles and for Dependency graph.

Grease Pencil

  • New design and complete overhaul, including:
  • Easy layer management.
  • Ability to have multiple colors and thickness values per layer.
  • Stroke quality improvements.
  • Different color saturation in the same stroke.
  • Improved Fills - Support for Concave Shapes.
  • Parenting a layer to any object, armature or bone.
  • And more!

For Addon developers: See related Grease Pencil API Changes


  • Initial implementation in Blender.
  • Basic Alembic support through import and export operators.
  • Data streaming through cache constraints and modifiers.

Cycles Renderer

Cycles 2.78 spherical stereo.jpg
  • Rendering spherical stereo images for VR is now supported.
  • Multiscatter GGX mode for the glossy and glass BSDF nodes.
  • Experimental feature: Improved Subdivision and Displacement system.
  • Vertex color, weight and normal support for point density textures.
  • Hair rendering speed up / memory use improvements.
  • OpenCL devices now support float4 textures (e.g. HDR textures).
  • Added support for NVidia GTX 1060, 1070, 1080 GPUs.

User Interface

Ui operator search categories.png
  • Improvements to the Eyedropper and Operator Search.
  • Additional drawing mode for the Waveform Scope in the Image Editor.
  • Defining ranges and individual render frames in the Command Line.


Fill Region Selection
  • New Freehand Curve drawing tool.
  • New Dissolve tool.
  • New Fill Region tool for Selection.
  • Improvements to Decimation, Bevel.
  • Edit-mode undo memory usage has been optimized.

Viewport & Render

2 78 env lighting.png
  • More supported shading nodes and options for the Cycles viewport render.
  • Additional shading features for the Blender GLSL viewport.
  • Blender Render shading can now also be computed in world space.


278-bbone settings demo.png
  • Improvements to Bendy Bones for Easier and Simpler Rigging.
  • Numerous changes to streamline the process of setting up and editing drivers.
  • The type of keyframe can be chosen on insertion.
  • Support non-uniform scaled bones failing with IK solver.
  • And more!

Datablocks & Libraries Management

  • A new core low-level feature for datablocks management, called 'ID remapping'.
  • Currently it allows from the Outliner:
    • In the Blender File view to Reload and Relocate libraries.
    • In All Scenes, Current Scene and similar views to Fully Delete or Remap a datablock.


  • The rest shape of cloth can now be animated.
  • Cloth Simulation Speed is now adjustable.
  • Collision Groups for Particles and Soft Body.

Python API and Add-ons

  • 11 new add-ons are included in this release.
  • Numerous improvements and fixes to existing add-ons.
  • Removed Import: MakeHuman (.mhx) (format not supported anymore in MakeHuman).
  • New Preferences Individual Activation.
  • Changes to the Python API functions.
  • And more!

More Features

Bug Fixes

  • As for every Blender release, hundreds of bugs were fixed, thanks to the hardworking Blender developers.