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Blender 2.76: More Features

Animation/Movie player

  • Animation player (blender -a) now supports sound playback for movies
  • It's possible to pause and start a movie by using Space
  • An indicator feature is added to display the current position of the player in the played movie. To toggle, press I


  • Sculpting now allows tiling strokes to create repeating patterns while sculpting. Options can be found in the "Symmetry" panel in the toolbar (0c0db92)

    Compatibility warning
    2D painting also uses the new options under the "Tiling" panel in Tools tab and now allows tiling separately in X and Y dimensions. The old "wrap" option is removed.

Weight Painting

  • Improved weight paint smoothing (c402057)
    Wp smooth release276.png

Datablock Previews in .blend Files

rB8d37aaeca1f9d extends and make useful again our .blend file datablocks preview system, it:

  • Adds preview to Object, Group and Scene IDs, along with some basic pyscripting to generate such previews.
  • Exposes ID previews to RNA.

Basic previews handling is in File→Data Previews menu. And RNA allows pretty much every one to write e.g. a small addon running before file save to generate your own previews as you want.

Multiple Link/Append at Once

You can now select and link/append multiple datablocks (of different types and even from different files) in a single operation.


  • context menus for scenes [with single entry "Delete" atm.] (d94137e).


Particle Info Node
  • Support of half float multi-layer EXR files (9d796df)
  • Particle Info Node supported in node trees for blender internal and in the viewport thanks to a patch by the Blend4Web team. (3894066)
  • Add argument --python-expr to pass Python code directly as arguments (958c208).
  • Boundingbox support for lattices [in viewport drawing, bpy, using "Dimensions"] (3fa0a1a).