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Blender 2.74: Freestyle NPR Rendering

Freestyle improvements are: Great optimizations to memory consumption and some cleanup in the Freestyle API

Freestyle artwork (excerpt) from an animation sequence celebrating the 2015 Chinese new year (courtesy of the BNPR team).
Freestyle artwork (excerpt) from an independent cartoon animation film The Short Reach of Cleshka (courtesy of mato.sus304).
3D model assets camera-matched in Blender using BLAM, rendered with Freestyle, and combined with a handwritten comic-style drawing of a school girl (courtesy of Kazuhiro Murakawa).


  • Memory consumption optimization in stroke rendering. Auto-generated stroke meshes are packed into a minimum number of mesh objects to reduce the overheads of Blender object creation. (d8b00a3bf5c1)

Python API

  • StrokeTextureShader was removed from the API (this shader was never functional in Freestyle for Blender anyway) and all references of the shader were removed from style modules. The file scripts/freestyle/styles/ was removed from the distribution since the style module did not perform anymore what it was supposed to do. (7d38d8534024)