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GSoC 2018

Google Summer of Code 2018

Welcome to the wiki page for the Blender Foundations 2018 Google Summer of Code Projects. Application period is March 12 to March 27.


Quick guide for how to get started with Blender

The projects for 2018

Google granted Blender Foundation 5 projects this year. We invite everyone to join the mailing list where we give feedback on the student's work. Artists are very welcome too, to discuss features and design, and to help validating or help with demos and docs.

Blender NPR line Render Improvement - Yiming Wu

Mentors: Ton Roosendaal, Joshua Leung

Bevel Modifier Improvements - Rohan Rathi

Mentors: Howard Trickey, Bastien Montagne

Further Development for Cycles' Volume Rendering - Geraldine Chua

Mentors: Stefan Werner, Lukas Stockner

Implementing a Hair Shader for Cycles - Leonardo Segovia

Mentors: Brecht van Lommel, Lukas Stockner

Many Light Sampling - Erik Englesson

Mentors: Brecht van Lommel, Lukas Stockner