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Google Summer of Code 2016

Welcome to the wiki page for the Blender Foundations 2016 Google Summer of Code Projects.

10 students were accepted - Coding has started on 23 May and coding ends on 23 August - Timeline


Projects for 2016

Google granted Blender Foundation 10 projects this year. We invite everyone to join the mailing list where we give feedback on the student's work. Artists are very welcome too, to discuss features and design, and to help validating or help with demos and docs.

Join the GSoC list

The projects are:

Beziers Curve editing - João Araújo

Mentor: Nathan Letwory

Layer manager - Julian Eisel (Severin)

Mentor: Ton Roosendaal

Cycles Denoising - Lukas Stockner

Mentor: Sergey Sharybin

PBVH vertex painting - Nathan Vollmer

Mentor: Bastien Montagne

UV Tools - Philipp Gosch (SaphireS)

Mentor: Howard Trickey

Cycles Texture system improvements - Thomas Dinges (Dingto)

Mentor: Ton Roosendaal

Multi-view Camera reconstruction - Tianwei Shen (hlzz001/Tianwei37)

Mentor: Sergey Sharybin

Manta Fluids - Sebastian Barschkis (Sebbas)

Mentor: Nils Thuerey

Failed midterm

Sculpting Tools - Kairong Jiang (Inlinebool)

Mentor: Campbell Barton

Python Package Manager - Peter Cassetta

Mentor: Sybren Stüvel