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GSOC Projects Overview

Here are this years gsoc projects. With GSoC officially started we've requested that the students start a blender wiki page to document their project and progress, and a thread to recieve public feedback and suggestions.

This year we will again have the students share branches.

Here is the graphic representation that shows which projects will be in which branches.


Here are the links to the projects, please note that not all students have created their wikipages and threads - the post will be updated when the rest of the students threads and wikipages are ready.

Swiss Cheese Branch

Multitouch Framework

Nicholas Rishel - mentored by Mike Erwin - Nicholas will add multitouch support for Blender, a basic framework for handling multitouch events and navigation using multitouch.

OpenGL Mobile Compatibility and Android Port

Alexandr Kuznetsov - mentored by Ton Roosendaal - Alexandr will port the Blender Game Engine to the Android platform, including library porting and adapting the Game Engine to use OpenGL ES 2.0 calls instead of immediate mode calls.

BGE Bug Fixing

Mitchell Stokes - mentored by Dalai Felinto - Mitchell will work on primarily bug fixes and clean up of the game engine.

Hive System (nodal logic) for the Blender Game Engine

Spencer Alves - mentored by Benoit Bolsee - Spencer will integrate the Hive Nodal logic system into Blender for visual programming of the game engine.

Viewport FX (drawing code/opengl refactor)

Jason Wilkins - mentored by Ton Roosendaal - Jason will work on updating the viewport code to increase speed and flexibility, including switching Blender to newer versions of OpenGL.

Bratwurst Branch

User Interface Task List

Jorge Rodriquez - mentored by Thomas Dinges - Jorge will work on User Interface 'paper cuts' and other UI related tasks.

Texture Workflow & Tool Development

Antonis Riakiotakis - mentored by Sergey Sharybin - Antonis will work on texture paint and UV editing tools.

FBX Import/Assimp Integration

Alexander Gessler - mentored by Tom Musgrove - Alexander will integrate the ASSIMP I/O library into blender and add support for FBX import.

Collada Animation Improvements

Phabtar - mentored by Tom Musgrove - Phabtar will work on Improving Collada support, specifically focusing on Ton's idea of a subset of functionality that should work well and be compatible with the main use cases of our users.

Fried Chicken Branch

Bullet Integration

Sergej Reich - mentored by Joshua Lueng - Sergej will work on finishing the Bullet integration from last years GSoC, as well as further stabalization and usability improvements.

Cycles Subsurface Scattering

Roger Wilco - mentored by Brecht Van Lommel - Roger Wilco will work on SSS for the Cycles rendering engine.

Smoke Simulator Improvements

MiikaH - mentored by Daniel Genrich - MiikaH will work on flame integration and other improvements for the smoke simulator.

Sushi Branch

Modeling Tools: Bevel, Bridge, Boolean

Alexander Mokhov - mentored by Howard Trickey - Alexander will work on improving some of the core modeling tools for Blender including more robust bevel, bridge, and boolean tools.

Precision Modelling Tools

Luke Frisken - mentored by Martin Poirier - Luke will work on modeling tools, with a primary focus on improvements related to snapping and precision modeling.

New Tesselator and other modeling tools

Andrei Simionescu - mentored by Campbell Barton - Andrei will work on a new/improved tesselation algorithm as well as other modeling tools.

Mesh Smoothing tools

Alexander Pinzon - mentored by Daniel Genrich - Alexander will implement some mesh smoothing algorithms to be used in both modeling and simulation contexts.