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Google Summer of Code 2011

Welcome to the wiki page for the Blender Foundations 2011 Google Summer of Code Projects.

Development branches explanation

Bmesh branch

Two projects will be developed in the Avocado branch and will be regurarly merged in the Bmesh branch.

Staging branch

Most of the projects listed below will be developed in different branches and periodically merged in a so-called "Staging branch", named "Salad".

See the picture below for reference (thanks to LiquidApe for doing it! :)


Garlic branch

Improved Internationalization and Localization

Xiao Xiangquan will be working to improve Blenders abilities to work with translated text for our tools so that they can be better used by an international audience. Xiao will be mentored by Kent Mein (sirdude)

Onion branch


Jason Wilkins who worked on Blenders sculpt tools last year is returning to both further improve the sculpt tools as well as port many of the brushes and tools to our other paint modes, he will be mentored by Tom Musgrove (LetterRip).

UV/Paint Tools

Riakiotakis Antonis was selected to implement additional uv tool and painting tool improvements as well as possibly some additional weighting tools. He will also be mentored by Tom Musgrove.

Radish branch

Weighting Tools

Jason Hays was selected to implement skin weighting tool improvements. He will be mentored by Campbell Barton.

Cucumber branch

BGE bugfixing and polishing

Daniel Stokes will work on bug fixing and assorted minor tools and polishing for the game engine. He will be mentored by Dalai Felinto (dfelinto).

Carrot branch

Fluid Simulation Improvements

Christopher Neal will be working to implement some of Nils recent papers into our fluid simulator. He will be mentored by Daniel Genrich (Genscher)

Dynamic Paint

Miika Hämäläinen will work on improving his dynamic paint tool work-flow and will be mentored by Janne Karhu (jahka).

Dressing branch

Nodes for the GE logic

Sven von Brand will work on nodifying our game logic system. This project will be mentored by Benoit Bolsee (ben2610).

Tomato branch

Camera Tracker Integration

Sergey Sharybin will design interfaces and other tools for integrating the camera tracking library libmv for 2D and 3D matchmoving, camera tracking, and camera stabilization. Ton Roosendaal will be mentoring.

Camera Tracker library improvements

Matthias Fauconneau will work on additional features for the libmv library so that it can fully meet Blenders camera tracking needs. Julien Michot, one of the main developers of libmv will be mentoring.

Pepper branch

Animation System Polish

Joshua Leung will be doing animation tool polishing addressing a number of issues to our star animators have identified as issues with Blender. He will be comentored by Bassam Kurdali (one of our talented animators) and Ton Roosendaal.

3D Audio

Joerg Mueller will bring 3D audio tools for our animators and will be mentored by Martin Porier (theeth).

Motion Capture Tools

Benjamin Cook will implement a number of tools necessary for working with motion capture data including things like footskate cleanup. Campbell Barton (ideasman_42) will be mentoring.

BGE Animation improvements

Mitchell Stokes will improve the game engines handling of blender animation data for character animation and will be comentored by Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) and Benoit Bolsee (benoit).


Prabhath Jayathilake will improve Blenders Collada support for animation and will be mentored by Nathan Letwory (jesterking)

Avocado branch

Mesh Editing/Retopology

Dan Walters was selected to implemented a number of new retopology tools and to polish existing mesh tools he will be mentored by Joe Eager (joeedh).

UV Unwrapping

Shuvro Sarker was selected to implement some improvements to our uv tools. This was perhaps the toughest of the decisions since we had 5 excellent UV tool proposals this year. Andrea Weikert (elubie) will be mentoring Shuvro.

GSoC 2011 mailing list archives

Weekly reports from all students.