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Scripts Development

To Do
This and pages in the navigation tree on the left can contain outdated information and links. Some of them are relics kept for archiving purposes only or just plain forgotten. Thread carefully. :)


How to develop addons

  • To start developing an addon, read the coding guidelines.
  • If you need to have a look at some code snippets, please have a look at the Scripts Cookbook.
  • Another Code Snippets book that is very easy to follow and will teach all you the basics of addon development.

How to Learn Python

  • Python Book of Magic is a book made for Blender users with no previous experience with coding / programming.
  • For those with previous experience with programming, or those that want to learn more than the previous book offers, here is the Official Python Tutorial.

How to distribute addons in Blender

Once your addon is ready, if you want to get your addon distributed with Blender, please follow the addons submission guidelines.
There, we explain the workflow to get a review, and to have access to the official addons repository.

Blender Internals

  • A chm file made by JesterKing with a tree like structure containing documentation for all blender internals including navigation tool to browse documentation and source code.
  • Open source chm viewer for viewing the above chm file
  • Quickly browse blender source online

Useful informations

Scripts Folder structure

These are the folders currently inside .blender\scripts:

addons Contains Add-Ons scripts that aren't enabled by default. These have to be enabled in the Preferences panel.
modules Python script modules.
presets Python Presets for Blender, cloth, render, sss & sunsky so far!
startup Scripts registered at Blender startup.


  • bl_operators: Blender operators modules.
  • bl_ui: User interface properties & window properties scripts.
templates Script templates found in the text editor.