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UI Projects

The general UI development can be followed here


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2.74 targets

Release Notes for features already added.

  • File Browser font preview - D1002 ✓ In Master
  • A bit of Outliner love - T43282 ✓ In Master

Candidate targets for 2.75 or later

  • User Preferences Tabs - D667
  • 3D View Navigation Icons - D584
  • Modifiers Drag and Drop support - T38178
  • File Browser thumbnail zooming - T27830

Other Projects

  • Alternative, simpler official keymap - T37417
  • Reworking selection keymap - T37420
  • Updated UI Widget Style - T38037
  • Value Ladders - D760

Known todos

Issues for (new) developers to work on are collected in wiki. It's known todo items, features or fixes that already have been approved to be worked on:

Roadmap for 2.7 - 2.8 and beyond

Add longterm projects here..

UI-experiments branch

The " UI-experiments branch" branch is a place for testing User Interface related features and making them ready for master inclusion.

General UI Guidelines

Toolbar and Property Region Guidelines