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The 2.8 Workflow Project

Here we gather documentation related to the 2.8 workflow project. The Blender 2.8 project was officially announced on July 2015.


  • Work takes place on the blender2.8 branch.
  • Changes that happen to make Blender unstable should be developed in separate branches until they stabilize.
  • Functionalities will be temporarily disabled and brought back one by one once they comply to the new design.

Note for users: please do play with the blender2.8 branch. However be aware that saving files in blender2.8 may make them incompatible with Blender 2.78 (or even new versions of Blender 2.80).

Design Documents

The 2.8 project also gives us a good chance to rework and expand our code documentation. We highly recommend developers to make use out of this. Artists are more than welcome to help too, though.


Projects for 2.8 also have a place to write down information that is not directly considered 'documentation' (ToDo lists, open questions, notes, ...). Link to them from here!


Throughout the Blender 2.8 project, the Blender developer blog has been centralizing the public outreach of the development status, and the evolution of the discussions. Let's keep'em coming!


Users are invited to create proposals and submit them here.