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Camera Jitter
Adds Random movement to the current camera and optionally bake it in camera IPO.
UI location Group: Animation
Usage For proper work, the "Scriptlinks" option in Script Panel must be enabled.

You must do it manually!

Version 1.02 - 2008.02.17 Author(s) Mariano Hidalgo (AKA uselessdreamer), Remigiusz Fiedler (AKA migius)
Blender 2.42-2.45 License GPL

Executable information
File name
Current version download (2008.02.17) - Script update for Blender 2.45, incl. older script versions



2006 Mariano Hidalgo (AKA uselessdreamer):

This script adds random jitter to a camera. Most of the code is taken from one demo in the bPython reference (don´t know the author but credit to him). I just added an interface to it and a way to change the values that drive the effect. It´s now easier to set up.

Select the camera you want to use an run the script. You will be prompted with a popup where you can enter values to alter the effect. The default values are good enough to get a decent shaking on the cam.

Please note that the camera needs an IPO with at least one key attached to it. If the camera is animated in any way the effect will preserve the original motion, it will just add some shaking to it.

If you want to change the values just run the script again.

Manual-Animation-camera jitter102.png

2008 modifications by Remigiusz Fiedler (AKA migius):

Jitter on/off toggles jitter effect. With this button, the script can be enabled/disabled independently from other active scripts in "ScriptLinks" Panel.

Only when moving The jitter effect will be produced only for frames where the camera changes its location.

Baking to ipo creates a copy of current camera IPO (loc+rot) updated with jitter animation. Jitter effect(script) will be disabled and the new IPO will be linked to the camera.

WIP 2008.03.15 update will come soon:

New in 1.03: You do not have to care if the camera has an IPO linked. The script will create it automatic.

New in 1.03: Driven by ipo Jitter parameters can be animated through IPO Object "jitter_ipo".



v.1.02 2008.2.17 by migius:
- add baking to IPO
- add activate-button
- change extern variables to array.jitter[]
v.1.01 2008.2.15 by migius:
- add info-text "enable Scriptlinks"
- add "FrameChange" sensor
- modificate for 2.42-2.45
v.1.00 2006 by uselessdreamer:
- UI
- modif. for 2.41
based on script from bPython reference by anonymous